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  1. Hadoblado

    Women freak me out

    It sounds like social anxiety disorder? I'd got to a shrink and see what they think. Drinking can ease mild anxiety temporarily, but unless you've learned how to handle yourself you're likely going to go and fuck up in the most regrettable ways. People are idiots when they first start drinking...
  2. Hadoblado

    If you could choose to major/re-major in anything at all, what would you choose?

    I majored in psychology. I'm not sure if I'd exchange it for something else, but I'd like to get some political science, sociology, engineering, business, and economics under my belt. Maybe some neuroscience too, but that'd largely be reinforcing the areas I've already covered.
  3. Hadoblado

    Craming for exams

    Cramming is shit anyway. Time management is king.
  4. Hadoblado

    The value of IQ

    To be clear, I was asking why people seem to be obsessed with it beyond its value in predicting academic and occupational success, as well as cognitive decline/deficits. It's not as bad as it was, because a lot of the people who talked about IQ have left us. At the time, it seemed to me like...
  5. Hadoblado

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    There're two reasons I can think of: Sometimes people are oblivious to the reasons they say things. Sometimes they think they're saying a joke, but they're testing the social waters for what's okay to talk about, or trying to wiggle their way around the social hierarchy. They don't think to...
  6. Hadoblado

    Egocentric "Natural" Morality

    I find the topic of how to codify society interesting but am perturbed by your proselytising.
  7. Hadoblado

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    But you promoted someone who doesn't agree with women's rights, undermining your own intended goal. So I'm pointing that out to you because the context you're providing doesn't make sense given the point you're trying to make. See how Serac's response was about lefts and tolerance, not...
  8. Hadoblado

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Most progressives don't have a problem thinking Islam is wrong about women, if we're assuming that Islam's views are the regressive ones that are constantly discussed in media. It's not a very strong gotcha at all. Admittedly some don't really get it and get flustered when asked probing...
  9. Hadoblado

    What is the limit of secular tolerance?

    Just to be clear, the author of that video thinks that women shouldn't have the option to choose who they sleep with - he's not some centrist who's open mindedly just calling it how he sees it. He's an extreme conservative who's pretending that it's a troll when he genuinely believes regressive...
  10. Hadoblado

    How do you argue with someone once they have attacked you personally vs. your ideas?

    When I know I'm right? Then generally... I'm less engaged tbh? Why does it matter so much that you convince them? I get super engaged in arguments if someone is pushing their beliefs on me, or if I'm not sure where I stand, but if I'm confident in my position I can let it go. Also, you've...
  11. Hadoblado

    the joker

    I'll watch it if it's not reviewed as a bomb. I don't have high hopes though.
  12. Hadoblado

    How much smarter would you be if you went to library and read....

    The internet exists. Libraries are clumsy by comparison. Stuff like this does help, but there are diminishing returns. You're also not guaranteed to spend your time productively. School also doesn't really stop you if you're not invested in it. I used to read books under my desk during class...
  13. Hadoblado

    I've outgrown comedy...

    Don't like it don't watch it?
  14. Hadoblado

    Yep. Super frustrating to navigate this whirling deathtrap of interlocking baggage.

    Yep. Super frustrating to navigate this whirling deathtrap of interlocking baggage.
  15. Hadoblado

    Prose debate (split from "The Single Flaw with Hard Determinism)

    You want people to talk about you too much/10
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