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  • Contemplating decisions inactively. Yeah; that I be doing all day everyday. Due to this existential angst, the awareness of indecisiveness, I be doing whatever gets to me. I don't really portrey decisions. Now and then I do something, like writing this message, but I'm only doing it as replacement of life. Anything but life, yeah that I be doing :D

    So, what do you read? I read now and then, but mostly only socionic related stuff such as Philosophy. And as passionate I am in such related subjects, I'm still too lazy to do research and actually read stuff. So most of the time I think individually, trying to improve my own worldview instead of implementing that of others. I do read now and then, but I wouldn't call it often. Soon enough, perhaps a year or three, I will be able to write my own socionic book. My worldview is transcendentant to that of regular others, though I must admit, that I'm doubtfully as close as e.g. C.G. Jung when it comes to understanding a phemnomenon as such.
    I doubt I'm any faster; hehe >.<

    So yoyo, what are your interests? Or whatever :D
    So hey there. I am 19, I have never said I loved them to any family member for my entire life. Are you that kinda loser too? :D
    I don't want to cloud your thread with my own experiences, but if it's any consolation, I'll have my masters degree in two years and I'm not exactly much further than you. I don't think there's anything wrong with you, you just haven't found someone yet.

    Relevant xkcd.
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