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    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  2. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Here for if you ever wondered what a piano burning sounds like.
  3. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  4. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  5. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  6. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  7. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  8. Helvete

    I might need a jacket

    Save money by wearing 3 or 4 t shirts and a couple of hoodies, if you need something waterproof then wear a single layer windproof raincoat. Layers provide insulation which is key. You can even stuff scrunched up newspaper under a jumper for extra warmth. Also wear a hat. The more head coverage...
  9. Helvete

    What is one superpower that u would have?

    Complete immunity to chopped onion
  10. Helvete

    Coffee Klan

    Coffee to Coffers Used to slurp is everyday from those cardcups. They gave me a loyalty we'lltakeallyourhardearnedcashcard and after earning my second 'free' coughie I discarded my card in favour of the priceless tea bags provided at work. Now if I may now commandeer this cafe, I have plans...
  11. Helvete

    Bobbity Beep

    Gather round, gather round children! There, you see it? No keep looking it's over there. In the grasses, you see! Careful now, don't get too close it can get a bit duploxly. Oh no, Bloobbeep don't touch it! Here, palm out flat like this, gently now. Let it take the ewobwup. That's it...
  12. Helvete

    courage is failure

    Courage is only failure if you don't learn from the process and try to make less mistakes next time. Courage comes with risk, but also exposes you to experience and growth and allows you to make better decisions next time. The trick is in managing risk - definitely didn't steal this from a post...
  13. Helvete

    Financial Independance

    No. Debt is a tool which many businesses use to make even more money; as the ROI gained from the availability of extra capital is greater than the interest that needs to be paid back. Thus it's a profitable cycle. But like any tool, if used incorrectly expect negative results. We live in a...
  14. Helvete

    Financial Independance

    Not having debt is a great start, or taking on debt with a negative ROI. You can have positive ROI debt where you expect to make more than the interest owed. If you have a skill or hobby you can try to monetize it. I've played poker for my income for over 2 years (I only play part time now...
  15. Helvete

    How would you describe your week in three words?

    The Sunday Monday.
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