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  • While I appreciate your input, you need to learn to multiquote.

    For each post you want to respond to except the last, click the multiquote button in the bottom right. Then when you get to the final desired post, hit quote. You will have all the quotes in order ready to be responded to. If this chunks out your post, you can also use spoilers.

    I don't want to discourage you from posting, as I've liked what I've read so far. Just want to keep the place clean ^-^

    I noticed you had necroed a thread I made a while back. I appreciate you giving your thoughts there (I see you are still editing it).

    Anyways the thread I wanted you to comment on is this one.

    I understand its a lot to ask that you read through that whole thread, but if you choose to (pun intended) know I would enjoy seeing what you have to say about the topic.
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