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  • Make a point. Woman's instinctive & unconscious gestures are towards herself, man's are away from himself. Something about difference in functions etc.
    I don't think it's worth engaging him JennyWocky. He's still conflating ethnicity for skin colour, and ignoring the arc of the movie in order to insist it's faux-diversity. He's too far gone. :/
    lol. Well, I was done honestly, I think that was my last hurrah; but much of it I found I couldn't even engage or didn't find worth engaging. Wasn't even planning to come back to the site to look, but my finger muscle memory brings me back without trying, then I'm like, "oh look, I'm on INTPf." ;) So then I saw your note.

    Hope you are well, there's a few people here I miss.
    It's sad to see you leaving, but I'm only here in a token capacity anyway. Most interactions of value occur via PM for me - everything public becomes some volatile political shitshow.
    Every time I read your post I imagine my intp female friend.I know that not all people of the type are same, but it's rly incredible how two persons on different continent, age and experience can think I'm similar way. I can link you her insta if you want see your younger copy :d
    I understand that completely. Like I said in my post there, it just feels like TypC now is mostly facebook-esque meta threads and political threads in which opposing viewpoints are pushed out. The NFs are running the asylum, which isn't inherently a bad thing, but with no sense of balance from other types it just leaves the experience there feeling somewhat bland. I guess I'm posting there mostly out of habit these days, but I share the sentiment of talking into a lifeless void.
    That seems to be the case now with all of the old MBTI forums I used to frequent. All boring as fuck nowadays.
    Yup. I occasionally post here. I post a bit on TypC out of force of habit. But it all feels rather pointless now. People and the world have moved on. There is barely any post traffic, and what exists isn't really aimed at engaging other people.
    Yeah, I know how you feel...

    You’re just pottering about life, minding your own business, and BAM! It’s suddenly one year closer to DEATH.

    :D Thanks Jenny! I like to drop in and lurk around a bit now and then and see how everyone is doing. I felt kind of bad about all my fluff after last December's festivities and took a bit (lot) of a break.

    You're looking for Don Hertzfeldt Rejected Cartoons.


    Why is this so huge?!
    (nm it's not huge anymore)
    Ironically, I can tell you are happier right now because you are not as careful with the way you are wording things. You seem a bit more care free.
    What is going on with PerC?

    I have not gotten a new post to show up on the forum since like Friday. Is my account fucked or something?
    Hi Jenny,

    I appreciate that. You've been one of the most helpful people on here. Thanks for taking the time and for the words of encouragement. Direct is something I most definitely am but I'm attempting to soften that a bit. I have so often thought INTPs were "weird" and "not normal" because I was, of course, the epitome of normal. Yeah -- more like emotionally unstable. The more I learn about INTP traits, the more I admire them. It's just very difficult for an ESFJ like me to really "get." It's actually quite exhausting. But my passion for expanding my mind and becoming a better person drives me. I hate hurting people which I have done all too much of. And people like you who are willing to take the time and have patience explaining are very helpful. (=
    Jenny, we can't all be as brilliant at coming up with names as you are. Us poor mortals just pick random shit like Serac. It's really just a serac – that ice block thing. But who knows, maybe there is some poetic meaning behind it.
    You're missing some of their really old stuff, When Angels and Serpents Dance, Murder Love and The Awakening.

    I don't have The Awakening or their really old stuff. I am only unfamiliar with The Awakening which is their newest album.

    BROWN is prolly my fav of their really old stuff. It all vibes really well and its gritty af.

    My favorite Tune they have is porlly one of the songs they did with Matisyahu. Those tracks were both dope. That's off Testify.

    Check this one out by Matisyahu and tell me what you think:


    This guy is a practicing Jew. The guy is fucking awesome. On my facebook I have him doing beatboxing to a guy playing guitar and singing STAN by eminem. Its one of the coolest frucking things on my whole facebook account. It was totally unscripted. They just decided they were going to do it and Matis decided to film it.
    Its one of their songs I like quite a bit.

    They had an album come out 09/11/2001, which is weird, but that album was their biggest hit.

    I've kinda refined my taste in music and don't listen to them too much anymore but they have a few I still really dig.

    I like this one too off the same album:


    I started with them on this tho:


    I was like in 6th grade when Southtown came out. Still think some of the songs off that album are damn good. I flipped when I heard the bonus track after outcast.

    What tracks you got on your ipod?
    Oh! That makes me feel better about the decision. O:

    It took me a while to decide to push the button. It's one of those kindof borderline cases, which have the most potential to get dragged on and cause the most problems. I wanted to catch it early if possible.

    Lol forum hoppers (@Sinny too). I wish we had a list we pass off to each other's typology forum admins with FYI warnings.
    yeah, the boyfriend who gets sucked down into the bed was Johnny Depp -- I think it might have been his first feature movie role. :)

    That's cool when you run across stuff you like that you've experienced elsewhere and get to see where it came from or was used previously....
    ...That was Johnny Depp? I never even noticed! I'm good! And how are you? :)

    I loved it! It was really interesting :) And the special effects were wonderful. 80's special effects are the best!

    Also, turns out part of one song I love was taken directly from the film? It was Jonathan reading Hamlet. That part was used in a song by Cindergarden! XD

    Anyway, mhhm, thank you for suggesting it :)
    Hey there, Miss Charming XD I remember joining yeeeeears ago and (embarrassingly) staying only for a few days (woops!), but I remember you being mega nice :)

    P.S. I saw Nightmare on Elm Street ;)
    Do we have a king? I've been in and out of forum activity recently so I may have missed it, but I've not seen a King of Swords about.

    Also, would it be better for people to take the rest of the Sword cards? Or maybe fill up the court of some other 'suit'?
    Right?! I'm divided as to whether there is or isn't such a thing as a Good itch... I think.

    I wrote ~5000 chars in response but only 1000 of them fit here... so *snip*

    I will PM you the rest.
    With regards to the joke, it's the thought that counts. :p How about something like: "Ever seen The Leech Woman? No? We should meet up sometime."
    "Your beets are so tender! Don't stop!" "It's time for the olive oil, baby... *glugglugglug*"
    Had to stop by... wow, you're a cutie. You don't look your age at all. </flirt> That is all.
    Thanks, it is exactly that. Demoralizing. I have to stop typing obviously but hopefully this pain is the start of actual recovery.
    Your avatar is from a comic book I read when I was 16. Some comicbooks are so well done it is hard for me to believe that people like that, that can draw them exist! This is why sometimes I think I am in a computer simulation. Because I have experienced artwork that leads me to believe there must be tech levels higher still. I don't even know how to make a rotating cube let alone a photorealistic face avatar. BabyX is a simulated toddler brain that I could never make by myself. I think X-men are cool. :)
    Hahahaaa HA.

    You'll be glad that we never made it to that facebook request then .. I think I could make a hobby out of tormenting you.

    God save America! and the star speckled springy banner, or what ever it is you guys say :p
    Thanks.. Yea, the first two days or so of the game were great for me, really enjoyable -  but then I had a real shit week irl.. I'm annoyed that shit came up, and affected my mood and play.. But over all, it was still a great experience and I'm looking forward to playing again in future. Drawing you Baron as team was hilarious, cheers for making it fun!
    Err, whatever will put out a good buzz I guess. Not sure about the acceleration, but I'm assuming it's dependent on how witchy you could be.

    (I knew I should have followed my dreams rather than become a salesman :facepalm: )
    I have a greener alternative which runs off the moans of the dying, and it provides better mobility for a wider geographical range for your twitchy witchiness. Besides just the locals, you could enchant the souls of the whole state with only a few twitches.

    It's worth 149.99 ensnared spirits, but I'll barter with a 25% discount.
    I took a happy middle ground and started watching a documentary called 'Happy'. It was somewhat interesting but a lot of the stuff I already knew. It was basically a documentary on what makes us as humans happy. I got a little more than halfway through.
    We are at a disconnect it seems. I wrongly made assumptions so it is my fault.

    I guess I was looking for examples of what you like to read about? I understand that typology isn't exactly the meaning of life, but I do feel strongly that knowing one self is important. Self reflection is a big part of who I am, so I can kinda warp things in the way I see things.

    I apologise, I must be coming across as rather one dimensional. Thing is, I pretty much am one dimensional. So sorry for sounding completely ignorant; I just am not really all that exposed to different experiences.
    So i take it you have pretty much just wrote it off. I can see where not wanting to devote a whole lot of time reading about it would cause someone to not want to get invested in it, but that's not my call. I guess I just feel it makes enough sense that I feel it has some merit, but if you don't feel that way that's perfectly fine.

    So if you're not invested in typology in general, how do you keep fresh with an income of knowledge to ponder about?
    What are your thoughts on Socionics? I have to say some of the stuff in the theory seems pretty solid.
    I think it looks like a common horror flick, where you think you can predict it, and then there's a total twist which shows the movie was more profound than it looked like.
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