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  • Pretty good terrorism wise. Haven't noticed islamophobia or anything (but maybe I am not the most well placed to notice it). The main thing happening is mass protest movements similar to occupy wall street called "nuit debout". It's in reaction to the Panama papers and labour law reforms. Place de la république has been occupied by thousands of people 24/7 for about two weeks now. Quite exciting, it's like a little politically themed festival.
    I have a bad habit of derailing, sorry. My caricature was a caricature of the behavior of certain people towards Sinny on here, particularly the more agressive ones. You are not really one of these people. However, I do not believe they are stupid, I consider most of them to be smarter than me. It was not meant to be a jab at their general intelligence merely that they misread Sinny at times, and there seems to be a bunch of people very quick to jump the gun on her in a very aggressive way, and I don't think it's legitimate.
    I dreamed of her last night lol, or just dreamed of a post I was reading that was by her, this is the second time I have had intp forum related dreams, which just goes to show I devote an unhealthy amount of time looking at stuff on this site.
    You were supposed to argue with me. It isn't fun when you don't argue. :(

    Maybe like post 1 John 4:10 or something.
    I responded to you on the previous page (post # 1440).
    You might not have seen it so I do hope you read it.
    I watched some of the debates. It does seem to be a theme that Sanders is unrealistic with his aims and that he has no plan to go about executing them, whilst Clinton is buddy with wall Street (dem Goldman Sachs paychecks hey) and a system player but also more pragmatic. These are the the two main criticisms they issue towards each other respectively, if you watch the debates between them Sanders says "free health-care" Or "regulate big banks" then Hilary goes "yes me too but one step at a time blabla lawyer sophistry look I'm describing it with more words which means I'm more practical, build on Obama, I know what's going on etc..." So she has decided to paint Sanders as an unrealistic idealist, and herself as a practical professional moving in the direction of his idealism, because she knows that what he proposes is what people really want. In fact what she says doesn't really seem to contain more of a plan, it's just a type of delivery. This is how it strikes me personally.
    I like your detailed breakdowns of the presidential race, it's very informative and INTP-ish. Do you vote? Who would you go for this season? PM if you don't want to share publicly, or just ignore if you don't want to share at all :)
    Pinbert is Realbert's bitch =D

    You know not the depths I plumb in catering to this forums sick need for my avatars.

    *No idea - currently, but I could probably help you explore in the future if you ever wanted.. You might as well get paid for what you invest your time in... Especially something like this, perfect for freelancing... Perfect for INTP.
    -Copy that-

    We're halting training exercises and rallying up the troops in the north. Roger out.

    I'll send a proper reply soon, but for now...

    You're seeing the movie tomorrow morning!!!

    Enjoy, and tell me how it turns out, without any spoilers, obviously.
    I thank thee for the kind words.
    I have sort of drifted back, it seems.
    Lol. I remember talking to some NTJs on INTJf. I asked one if he liked xkcd, and he said something like "Yes, but it compromises productivity."

    Hunger Games, eh? :) Is that series any good? I haven't seen a single one of those movies or read the books, but it seems interesting. Think I would read the books first.
    It sucks. I often wish I could change myself, but it doesn't really work like that. Seems like I spend most of my personal energy trying not to be severely depressed. Friends and family can get fairly exasperated at how I am (inert, yeah) and behave, but I really can't help it. I mean, I do practice self-improvement, but progress is slow and I think maybe a person can only change so much.

    The way we experience emotions I think is just overwhelming compared to other types. P types are made for living in the moment. Ti-Ne means focusing analytic and creative faculties in the moment. Fi-Ne is one of the most horrible combinations of functions I can imagine, because it focuses awareness of personal emotions and extrapolations thereof in the moment. So if you look at it that way, we're wired to reason completely with our feelings, for them to define our reality, and most devastatingly to not see a distant future. This is exactly what it feels like.
    I see. the first girl I ever liked on any meaningful level was actually INFJ. The One That Got Away was one of the ENFs, still not sure which. And the last and latest one was probably ISFP, she was pretty wild.

    I like the idea of NTPs, but in my experience I can't really keep up intellectually, which they seem to require of their partners. haven't really had substantial contact with NTJs. most my friends at university were actually NTP mathematicians/engineers/scientists. they were some of the chillest people ive ever met, and I just loved absorbing their knowledge/discussion by osmosis I guess...:borg:

    the only one of the three women I ever think about anymore is the ENF. guess I like the motherly types. im pretty true to the IFP stereotypes, unfortunately, perpetually hopeless and brooding *shrugs*
    well, im pretty sure ive ruined it for myself by now with all the material ive been perusing. I don't mind not getting the surprise all at once. helps me stay inspired in my day to day life if I have something to be excited about/engage my mind with.

    it's fairly loner with me too. social anxiety and poor past choices have ripped my life apart in many ways. but there is always hope! im trying to break into the work world after spending something like 6 procrastinatory years in college. I think once i'm settled into work life it won't be so bad, but right now im still in that limbo between arrested adolescence and proper adulthood...whatever that means O_o

    i assume you work with computers, so yeah I can see other NTs being a bore...what breed of human tickles your fancy, if you don't mind me asking?
    That lightsaber looks gnarly, no? I keep thinking back to the first time a lightsaber was ever used in the franchise (Ben cutting off the space-hoodlum's arm in that seedy Tatooine bar) and feel like this one will do something similar...won't be the clean severing of advanced lightsabers, in any case. Maybe it's even like radioactive or something, and messes with the biological processes/structures of any organism it touches, bringing on a slow death from cancer or something similar. Any thoughts on anything in the new film?

    How is the loner life? Have not been reading your blog, since I haven't been around much. Will have to take a gander soon...
    utterly splendid to see you again!

    Now, for one million, trillion, bazillion, gazillion galactic credits:

    Are Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker secretly one in the same?

    I heard baby marrow is good for wrinkles, or maybe it was the liver?
    Oh and you can sell the foreskins to the loominaty, they buy in bulk.

    We must look deeper than this, the bushes have a hidden agenda allowing the conspirators to hide behind them. If the bushes run out, it means something is wrong and they changed their strategy, now everything out in the open is false, just as everything behind the bush would be. Nothing can be trusted.
    Don't you think G. W. Bush stories and the sudden lack of bushes is too unlikely to be coincidence?
    I'm Time Asylums ver 0.9 :p. I think I could delete 75% of posts when I consider their contributing value, but let's just pretend I have a human side.

    Yes, this is secretly a plan of mine to coerce you into knitting by the fireplace and reminiscing grandchildren on every occasion. Actually Sinny could have something to say on this.
    I just took hiatus from the forum since I dunno July or something? Then I have been lurking a bit. Want to be less negative in the way I write posts so I figured the best way to achieve that would be to just take a break. But now I have returned, my first post breaking the hiatus being a long negative one directed at Sinny and all her goddamn conspiracy threads : )
    I think some do. There are posters here who seem to embrace it as a monument to their authority. The inverse motives would be maintaining established identity as a young person, or keeping hold of the authority being young and nimble of mind can grant you. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Everyone is an asshole.


    Each year I tell myself this is the one where I'm finally grown up. I've been pushing the date back a while now.

    Thanks <3
    Well I'll remember your name if I ever need mildly fast Intel on Chernobyl and quality assurance. Speaking of Chernobyl while obviously it's very different did you see the video's of the explosion in China?
    Naw Giraffes are in my good books. Pretty chill. Unlike Typhoon Jenny over here. Do you have a specific area in trivia? Or are you claiming the specific area is "useless"
    Yeah I new the wording on that one was strange. You do realise you are one of the more straight faced trolls. I have to actually inform other distressed individuals that you are in fact a master of disaster.
    No no I can see it fine... *now that I'm home from my double-secret clearance gov installation* What do you work as? I don't remember asking.
    I think the better questions is what tricks don't I know... Even then it should be more what tricks can't I learn. I'm quite adaptable that way.

    Imagine if orphans auditioned themselves or had interviews. I mean I know to some extent they do but just think about how sad that would be. Asking their carers for help with their resume, practicing dance moves in the hope that someone will love them.
    Yes yes poor clown. I am down for non serious relationships though. In-fact I probably prefer them.
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