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Recent content by jinzu

  1. jinzu

    The AA thread

    What happened to the Ask Architect thread? Did it break or people get out of control? I don't need a thorough explanation unless wanted to explain but I used to ask him questions and now it's gone bye bye.
  2. jinzu

    For anyone having trouble accessing the forum

    So now pages can be viewed without logging in?
  3. jinzu


    The blind leading the blind.
  4. jinzu

    Eyes as windows

    Duxwing Thank you for the intelligent reply. From the posts I have read there are many very intelligent people on this forum. And to add it was a mental hospital but I was not hallucinating. That is why it was so weird and the same look was in a man's eyes at Books 4 Less in Georgia. Am not...
  5. jinzu

    Eyes as windows

    Sticking this here maybe should it be for philosophy/faith? Am not sure. My wonder is if anyone has seen a dead person who still walks the earth. Been to some hospital and there was a guy there his eyes were blue like the sky on a clear day. It was weird because the guy never appeared to be...
  6. jinzu

    Why did you pick your name?

    I chose the name of one of Yugioh's most powerful monster: Jinzu
  7. jinzu


    Joined today. Am INTP by the test I stupidly paid for online some time back. Unemployed, hating sitting in the house everyday. The truth is horrifying, yes it really is.
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