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Recent content by Joe13414

  1. Joe13414

    The 3 ticks. (advice)

    Tbh, Im not gonna argue about that, im rethinking my stance to you in general You write like an artist, I find myself infaturated with it.
  2. Joe13414

    Extreme ideas

    Doesnt anybody think about really going through with huge plans, like living at the fullest or building a huge thing up and actually using it? Like I just thought, wouldnt it be cool to just ditch everything besides cash and live like the movies, now i know it would suck kinda, but youd have car...
  3. Joe13414

    What are your favorite music genres?

    Sludge, Stoner, Punk, Grunge, Classic Metal Psychdelic, Classic, 80s, powerpop Pink Floyd, Beatles, Metallica, Witchcraft, Electric Wizard and Nirvana (older mix)
  4. Joe13414

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

    Mark Hamil aparently hates the script, so I know its gonna suck cannon wise. :segen: May the force be with you
  5. Joe13414

    Capote is mighty gay

    Its a class on film, (scene making and significance and characterization of main characters) and books like so. Its an elective.
  6. Joe13414

    The 3 ticks. (advice)

    Ive been known to argue out of (my perspective) reasonablity, but seen as "nazi" or "alt-right", but I like to argue, I dont disagree with race or sex, but ive debated the wage gap and transgenders, but I always try to play cards on the rational side, but in Wisconsin, we have millions of modern...
  7. Joe13414

    Capote is mighty gay

    I read this book by Truman Capote for my class, In Cold Blood, so after we all watched Capote and answered a class question on opinion and everybody thought I was emo or sociopathic, the question was, "How was Capote's relationship with Perry Smith?" I said; "I think its bull cuz Perry wants...
  8. Joe13414


    We do not accept jews here if you've seen the tab. :nazi: Jk, welcome, I just returned to the forum as relativity.
  9. Joe13414

    The 3 ticks. (advice)

    Im in highschool as a senior and I got these 3 ticks: the first is the girl that is actually my suggested, and assigned partner for my college medical classes, I saw her as a dating option but the more I got to know her the more she kinda pushed away but started asking for things, notes...
  10. Joe13414

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I've been busy the last few weeks without enough time to go onto the forum, I thought I got a good job, I was passing classes, I almost thought I met a girl who'd I consider not a waste of time, but all that went to shit today, so hello again, I missed the forum! :p
  11. Joe13414

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Does any one start something big and then you forget about it in a few days? Me and a friend were planning to live this house where his uncle used to live, then the idea just kinda died off after a day.
  12. Joe13414

    Choose (for fun)

    CHOOSE. I choose Cheap and tasty
  13. Joe13414

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I almost drowned in gym class because my friend was flirting. In my gym class we started swimming, (I don't know why when winter is around the corner here in Wisconsin) And I am a horrible swimmer, and I was with my friend, who is a very talented swimmer, and we were in the deep end, so the...
  14. Joe13414

    Multiple personality types?

    I'm seeming an INTP when I'm around a lot of people, but when I'm around my friends I get extraverted to them only. :confused:
  15. Joe13414

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Me and a friend (Who is an INFP) went out to go a park across the street at 6pm, it ending up being a lot more... We ending up eating in a low budget mexican bar-grill downtown milwaukee at 10. It started at my friends house trying to do laundry with a washing machine that may be broken, then I...
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