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  • Saw you had 'visited' my page so I checked yours. I laughed at the
    "Sometimes when I reread my posts I wonder if I was drunk." in your info tab. Not that I do that myself, but I do something close to it. I look back at some of my first posts and wonder if I was 14 or seriously enraged, lol.
    See told you it was my fault. I have trouble talking to girls and seeing as how I have never met you my mind instantly thought of the hottest girl I have seen. Also do people call you Kate or Katie, or something else?
    Okay :-) I'm not online that often, usually play by request, so I'll make an effort to be online this weekend :-P
    I fall into the same trap of just reading. I now just start randomly posting even if what I said has already been said to prevent doing that. Or I just troll someone which is quite fun on this forum as no one takes me too seriously.

    Look forward to playing with you though you being American will destroy my ping. I suppose that is the price I will have to pay to enjoy your company. I apologize in advance if we do play as I'm pretty quiet.
    I use CoD the same way. Just listen to music and zone out. I actually play better when I am concentrating on something else instead of actively thinking about what I should be doing.

    This is a forum for slightly anti-social people so you have to work just to make a connection to anyone here. It's not like your repelling I just think this forum there is a constant flux of people coming and going it's hard to stand out, especially when nearly everybody is similar in specific ways.
    I've play all those, and am pretty addicted CoD, when I'm not bored by it. Hope you don't mind, I just read all your post, stalker style. Your a pretty interesting person. You remind me of me actually
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