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  • I agree that the music is separated from the makers. Just thought I'd add some interesting facts about the band. It was such a big thing back then in Norway -- however, I didn't really take an interest as I thought the whole culture was kinda ridiculous. There is a strange sort of apathy in many Norwegians, so I can see how things like these can just get out of control very easily. The small-town syndrome; I grew up with it. People offing themselves like flies in a highly oppressive religious context. So much alienation, hypocrisy and resulting stupidity. I never wish to go back there.

    I have friends in that music scene from back home, yes. So I like some of their stuff. Check out Borknagar and Arcturus, if you aren't already familiar with them. Although, the recordings are generally poor, which is a shame. Arcturus is more avant-garde, so perhaps a little bit out there for many.
    I hope you hang around.

    How's life. Hmmrrm. I am having problems answering that with a proper sentence at this point in time.

    Well -- if that wasn't beating around the bush I don't know....the stuff in my life just seems so trivial, if you know what I mean.

    This probably describes it better:
    Ugh...how depressing...

    And how is Mr. k27?
    Welcome Back (?)

    Your posts are always very informative and well thought-through. Great to see some genuine original thinking in all the mess.
    "I'm actually doing things to try and improve my situation."

    This is good. Working through the university bureaucracy will suck, but I hope it turns out.

    On menial jobs... I always wanted that lead job, but I discovered that they're traps. Importance criteria is determined by those who are already "important." Happiness is a mid-level position in a bureaucracy. Competence probably is too, for that matter.
    Do you know why it made you worse? I apologise for pelting you with questions this way...I just remember Zoloft nearly left me walking into the middle of a freeway. At that moment I understood this wasn't "me" acting..it was some sort of exaggerated emotion controlling my mind. So as far as I understand; you have had suicidal thoughts (seriously considered it) even off medications?
    Have the suicidal thoughts been there all the time? Sorry, you can tell me to f..k off if you don't wish to talk about this.
    Also: everyone is giving that Amanda Bynes child actress girl shit and I'm like I UNDERSTAND YOU. Thanks, psychosis. (apparently she has also been on Adderall lol)
    If you liked Snow Crash you should definitely check out Daemon by Daniel Suarez (just posted in the book thread). My friend who recommended Daemon to me says they are tied for his two favorite scifi books. I personally am enjoying Daemon more. :)
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