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  • Hey Sweet Pea! ;-)
    I totally forgot about this place lol
    How is everything going!? How is your gardening coming along? Find a new job?
    That's great news Lot. You'll have to tell me some time all about that. How has life been treating you?
    You know I could possibly come visit you and ayahuasca
    Depending on what kind of mental state I'm in, next future.

    Why move in with your parents when you can get a camper van?
    Yeah an ounce runs about $140 which is not bad for a life changing experience.

    I could just go for the whole 31. Still haven't seen the video but I'll watch it this afternoon.
    I have a grower's guide that describes the whole procedure but haven't tried it yet.

    Growing your own anything is always best.

    How goes the DMT project anyway?
    One ounce doses? Wow.
    It's so crazy I have to try it. I think the biggest dose I've taken might be 8-10 grams.

    I'll watch later. Thanks!
    Just posting here to say that I really think you should really Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiimbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaa
    Theeeee Liooooooonnnnn sleeeeeeeeeeepsssss toniiiightttttttttt!!!!
    Im pretty sure I know the church you talking about and probably served them pancakes at our ihop at some point.

    THC makes the world tolerable and nihilism silly, that is my medical need haha.

    Sorry for delayed reply I thought this was sent to you and not me a while back.
    Thank you for the encouragement. Those names don't ring any bells but it truly is a very small town and is likely I have crossed paths with them at some point.
    I think knowing and understanding is the first step and I believe Ive begun that process.
    A step at a time.
    Does this mean you would actually be my friend???!!! Honestly, I'm so full of bizarre antics that I can't even take myself seriously. You like that chill guy that i think i could get along with. We could smoke weed and be high as a kite and I would try to draw shit with a bunch of markers and it would be trippy as fuck. In another life... Oh well. glad you had something good to say to me.
    That's right! I remember the silver part.
    I'm trying to figure out colors for my next blanket; they don't make silver yarn so my next blanket will be blue. :) They make gray but the gray doesn't have that sharp, crispness to it like silver.

    Mine has always been forest green and then black & gray.
    Yeah, still in uni.
    My real goal is going abroad, so I'll see how that plan goes.
    South Africa. Not bad per se, but unemployment is HIGH, so one usually has little choice in jobs if one lacks credentials.
    This will be remembered.
    Even though I do not have a job now, kissing ass may become a necessary action in the near future.
    Especially in this fubar economy my country has.
    For me it's not a rage quit...it's just a quit.
    If something is not going my way, I just give up and move on, without looking back.
    This seriously hampers my development.
    Not anger, just frustration, I guess.
    Any tips on not quitting?
    Best of luck.
    Was stalking user profiles out of boredom, and saw your listed occupation as pizza deliverer.
    Piqued my nosiness.
    Hey will get back to you soon. Am just waiting to experiment with a few things first, probs this weekend. :p
    Lot-Probably the best representation of the color pattern and visuals of a break through salvia divinorum trip.

    Man, I fucking love this song! And Blockhead, he's such a great artist :)

    (dunno why it wouldn't let me quote)
    I like songs that have solo pieces of specific instruments. But the beat (to me) didn't really connect to the jazzy part (don't know what instrument is being used - saxophone?).
    There's a song called Nemo by Nightwish and there was a cover of that song done by Spythriller feat. Caroline Lavelle who does a cello piece:


    I really liked the clockmaker though.
    Hey, I just wanted to make a very late thank you for the post you made in 'I've never meditated before.' It was very helpful and insightful. It gave me the information that I needed.

    Smoking it with a bic does sweet fuck all bud.

    Hit it with a torch and enter a new dimension (the future-past that you imagined next week). For real.
    Quit that job man. Nobody needs to be miserable and hateful at 26 over something like that. (sorry if this was unwanted)
    2x minute soak ethanol extraction after maceration yields ~90% THC purity, depending on strain. :D

    Whole plant ethanol extraction is lower purity because the goal is to get more than just THC so the soak is longer (hours/days).

    Basically you run the former for recreational sales and then the latter for medical sales from the same batch.
    Hash: yes

    Butane:... no :ahh: Try for ethanol. Avoid isopropanol because bitters are intentionally added to prevent ingestion and those will remain in the hash.
    Ahh thanks aha. Yeah I am. Personally I'v never bothered with forums before lol, but I liked the look of this one, so I stayed :). Hmm I do a lot more lurking than contributing anyway, unless it's the chatbox; that's actually an underrated gem here ;).
    If you're finding the threads boring atm, what's your ideal thread? o.O
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