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  1. LPolaright

    Fictional INTP's

    I seem to think: John Shepperd from StarGate Atlantis (Sometimes he comes of as more of an ENTP, because of his duty. But generally I think INTP) Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (The pure INTP version for a very high IQ, and NOT LAZY) Abed Nadir from Community. (Though he does hang between...
  2. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    I wonder how many of us, INTPs, failed according to our ego standards of our teens... Looking at it from an observational out-of-self point of view I would tend towards the fact, that we never outgrow our teenage self and keep on procrastinating our ideas until we find a companion that will help...
  3. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    The only reason I sent him to cognitive functions and not explain what he should consider is because it involves the rest of his MBTI dichotomies. If he would provided with a type it would be easier to state all the possibilities. The J/P gives lots of weight to the final result of E/I. for...
  4. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    Read in-depth about cognitive functions, it'll give you much more sense then "puree".
  5. LPolaright

    What are the limits of Ti-Ne?

    I can tell for certainty I'm really bad when it comes to fixing something - as you said xSTPs are good at finding a solution the the list of factual problems. I think we have more difficulty to that - as our complementing Si clouds our judgement and it lets us enter the subjective factual errors...
  6. LPolaright

    Character vs Personality

    I think religion tried to define several characters as "bad" and others as "good". Psychiatry tries to define characters to dangerous behaviors or future mental damages in order to take care of them. I'm not in favour of giving sentimental attributes to character such as "good" and "bad"...
  7. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    Investigating. I can't not give a shit - I'm constantly looking to be better then myself. I want to get to it several times in my life. I want it now! and I can't believe that my will to get it is not enough by now.
  8. LPolaright

    Character vs Personality

    Sure, with got a lot of personality typing systems, such as MBTI, Socionics, Pod'lair, Enneagrams. But what about character? as it is based on beliefs it is more prone to change but what qualities are there to "change"? knowing the qualities could benefit us for manipulation, communication...
  9. LPolaright

    If you're still in doubt

    I think a better solution would be turning to the cognitive functions - as they provide much more information regarding what the person should think his type is. Also, extreme shyness or over-confidence is a tricky quality when it comes to the point of typing I/E.
  10. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    Few words: Next level A.I. Congratulations on finishing the army! Your life sounds like garbage at the moment, which will make it so much better when you get over it. What classes did you miss for your bagrut? Good luck on working. I can't enjoy no-control over my status in life. And...
  11. LPolaright

    I'm turning 20 in a week

    As the title suggests, I'm turning 20 in a week (6 days, actually) and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. My world revolves around loads of thinking but no actual doing (as an INTP). Here is what I did manage to do so far (as in, the past 20 years): (Side project) *Think about...
  12. LPolaright

    Have you ever been wrong?

    I am never wrong for long. Thanking my definitions, for being dynamic and in a state of constant change.
  13. LPolaright

    can you forgive betrayal?

    I'm rather forgiving, but changing my approach to the people surrounding me - knowing that they also have their own interests that you cannot change. Nothing really makes me mad, and so, there's nothing to forgive. When I do get really really mad, I break the relationship almost completely -...
  14. LPolaright

    By INTP standards what type would you be?

    At the base - ESTP In my regular human life - INTJ Probably.
  15. LPolaright

    What are your alternative theories (to MBTI)?

    Re: Alternative theory to MBTI Can you explain why exactly you decided on these metrics? No...? You'll see that once you explain how it is different than the MBTI you'd actually see how close it is to the system. By trying to prove it wrong you get a deeper understanding. Tests are known...
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