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Recent content by LucasM

  1. Color Test

    This test is depressing. Focuses on issues and problems, ech. Did a similar one at colorquiz multiple times and all it gives is depressing answers that are so bloody depressing that makes me realize that my life can't really be that messed up and so I feel better about myself in some absurd...
  2. camera discussion topic

    Do you want a camera to play with, to shoot with, to take wherever with, to pontificate about quality with, for close-ups or landscapes or nights or general... dslrs are nice, but then again so are compacts, and they now have those 4/3 interchangeable lens models that are smaller than dslr but...
  3. Learning A New Language: Russian

    www.masterrussian.com is a useful site also. Has a list of common words/popular verbs (with pronounciations mp3) links to other sites, etc..
  4. Find your Spirit Animal Test!

    You are a Swan! (your score: 22) Fox (18) Crow(17) Cougar(16) definitely not spider/wolverine
  5. Too Many Clubs, Club.

    why am I posting here?
  6. Learn math

    http://betterexplained.com/ Not comprehensive but goes over commonly misunderstood basic math concepts in an intuitive manner.
  7. Any of you grown up with extroverted parents?

    On a similar vein... I am staying with my relatives for a short while at the moment, and we get along fine. But there is a new person who visits every once in a while (typed him as esfp) and just... wow.
  8. Caffiene makes me more "F". Or maybe just "E".

    Wow. 10 cups. I drink 2/3 cups/day on average. Makes one more 'hyper'. I may know what you mean though, I am more inclined to do energy using activities, such as interacting with others in real life with caffeine. (edit: on a side note, it is recommended to drink coffee before doing a race...
  9. Are you a hero?

    I've never been a hero, not in any way as can be constituted 'heroic' on my part. Neither have I been saved in any 'heroic' way. Yet can it be that all those seemingly every-day 'good' deeds, those little boosters (this metaphor sucks by the way), add up to more than any big grand 'heroic'...
  10. Who is/are your favorite singer/music band?

    Collective Soul. Totally relates with me. Anyone else?
  11. College students, what's your major?

    Civil Engineering. Diverse.
  12. Character Analysis Test

  13. 2

    that made me wonder... If we use negative numbers 8 = 2x2x2 = -2x-2x2 = 2i x 2i x -2 Why do factors have to be positive whole numbers?
  14. INTP's and ESTJ's?

    My sister is estj and we get along wonderfully. But then again, we grew up together and can thus understand each other better. I could see myself marrying an estj potentially. I need someone to drag me out socially and organize me up a little. I just don't have any idea how something like...
  15. Beds

    As long as it is dark and quiet and I can conserve body heat, who needs a bed? I remember sleeping on the spiky rocky side of a tent, with no mattress of any kind and sleeping fine, though a bit bruised. Satisfying in a masochistic sort of way. Hammocks are nice.
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