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  • *exhales deeply*
    Point of clarification: turning up at hougang that day would not have been to do any signing up or anything of the sort. Separate matters.

    oh, and you haven't told me if hur hur hur is a laugh or a sob.
    Zzz. Sigh. You play from hearing?

    My sight reading sucks and I play from hearing so I'm never able to play my own stuff the way I want it to sound.
    Is your sight reading good? Then maybe I can ask you for your opinion on some pieces I wrote. Nobody wants to evaluate my pieces. I wouldn't mind if they told me they were lousy but gave me some tips for improvement.

    Actually I think I'll try to be a little more upbeat here, though I'd intended it to be a place to dump all my sorrows. I don't think it's working very well, it just keeps me wallowing in misery and gets all you other people depressed as well.

    Chao ta rabbit? Rofl. INTPs don't suck:smoker:. I'm just currently in a state of frustration because of a few things that have happened which have left me not knowing what to do. But I guess I should start writing happier things to lift myself out of it.

    You play the piano too. Actually I'm not surprised.
    Nope. Heard Win 7 is better though.

    "Do I liek tuna?" I've a feeling "tuna" is a word rife with innuendo to you, and I can't be sure if liek is a mispelling of like or something...more.

    But innocent little me will say, yes, I like tuna, especially in sandwiches. (Now go read whatever you want into that :p)

    Is hur hur hur a sob or a laugh?:cat:
    Oh and in response to Banana Mango (if BM should visit here again). I doubt Luciela Minerva can possibly be her real name.
    I do have a blog, Lucy. There's no comment feature since I've just migrated it from geocities (which had no server scripting). I'll probably install some PHP back-end for blog functionality when I feel a little less lazy.

    There's a rule I have for writing on my blog (and I obey my own rules even if I don't obey others'), so I keep a blog and an informal diary. Here, you're the only person in this country who might read (the blog is meant to be read though nobody does, it's boring as hell), so I guess I'm pretty safe. I'd write a diary in notepad, but here is more convenient.

    And the idea of a woman intruding unceremoniously into a man is...OUCH! "Screw that" in the very next sentence conjured a hell lot more improper imagery than it should, too. I hope I'm not offending any of your feminine sensibilities. :evil:

    And I do like pretty, and pink (I'm the proud owner of a pink shirt and a matching teddy-bear tie), but I think bunnies pwn Hello Kitty anytime (rabbits FTW!).
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