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  • Ok I have 1 question though, why would I contribute?
    (I'm not finished yet, but I could quicktype them (5sec each). I do not have more time to type them, and thus making mistakes will be inevitable. And of course, if there is no reason for me to contribute. I will just skip round 1 and play round 2 as I will have slightly more time)
    I haven't, but I just got the whole trilogy after being reminded of its existence by stumbling upon the first one, which I had not seen in years.
    Do you mean entities in a Jungian/ symbolic sense of archetypes? I remember reading Blast, which was a pamphlet/proponent of modernist art in its early stages, which depicted the spring in creativity then as a response to the repressive ages which preceded it, Victorians, etc. I wonder if it's a matter of time before there's a similar outburst. Though, maybe our culture is different in how omniscient distractions are. I think you said you're from the UK before, as well..

    But sure, I get the sentiment. The time when my life felt marked by a feeling of domination all I could say is no, which within the sphere of its influence is disruptive, but still necessary unless you'll be reduced to nothing. I guess from that it's more that I can't justify dominating an other, rather than preserving myself.
    (re: december 21st thread): The question of violence is one I struggle with, I find it hard to justify, and I know within the practical realms of my character it is something I couldn't do.

    I wonder whether inspiring play and creativity is an alternative (in terms of fighting inauthenticity), though maybe so far as such acts are disruptive they can be construed as violent anyway. Been studying the Situationists for a while, cool ideas, not sure how you'd carry all of them out though.
    The intpf site script only parses http, not https(the secure version). If you remove the s in front of https, youtube links will embed automatically.


    I'm as cool as a frozen fashionite juggling ice cubes in the polar ice caps and sharper than a bunch of Wilde witticisms rolled into a spike, dipped in lemon juice and jabbed in someones eye. ^_^
    You would feel cooler by merely being breathed on by me!

    Did I ever tell you that you look like a Tory?
    It's very concerning.
    Hello Lyra,

    I'm curious about your thoughts on Scientology... was wondering if you were still planning on going through with that, as I see parallels with podlair/typology/jung and dianetics/psychoanalysis/sci-fi
    Thank you for your post. I'm still digesting it, but I appreciate you putting yourself out there and answering from the heart.

    PS. noticed the post below mine... and I don't care if you are religious or whatnot. Your explanation does seem to be a "spiritual" style answer to me and kind of how I approach life as well and I appreciate it... While being agnostic in terms of particular concrete religious faiths, I have a very spiritual side that consistently searches for meaning beyond the tangible and operates idealistically.
    I've recently read some things you posted on the forums and I am impressed by your ability to speak so smooth though making wordiness seem not so cluttered. Are you religious? It would be disappointing to hear it was true.
    I'm sorry for a late response.


    It is no problem. I'm sure I would not understand your writing as you do - the terminology you use sounds quite intuitive, or self-developed. I've found myself nodding with a lot of things though - as I understand it anyway. [Especially the ENFP forum post.]

    Why lead a 'sinister' life as opposed to any other path? I'm sorry if that is a naive question.
    Thanks for the clarification. I was just skimming through a few posts on the blog in your signature earliar and a few things interested me. What is 'Satanism'? I mean there is much in popular media about who Satan is, but how is s/he understood/ what does s/he represent in Satanism? Sorry if I'm being too personal, I don't mean any offence, I'm just genuinely curious.
    I am curious. What distinguishes the acausal as distinct from any other symbol or 'abstraction'? We reduce things to languages and symbols because of our limitations. How may the acausal be experienced in a way that it itself is not simply abstracted? I have likely misunderstood, but your thoughts would be appreciated.
    In truth, I don't know if transcendence is real. Sorry, Lyra. You won't divine some otherworldly or great truth from anything I have to say... I myself am unsure about everything, and probably always will be. Any question I truly desire to answer is unanswerable, at least, with what I have found so far.
    It is nice to hear from you.

    As for your question, I have no answer. Do you?
    Very well. I shall await patiently yet also anxiously (for some reason) for your return.
    You are simply amazing. Your incredible depth, and range of knowledge... that is all I could say. I could only hope to one be so fascinating as you are. I mean this in truest intent. All of your posts that I have read have intrigued me beyond belief. But I think you have more depth than I ever will. I also love your amazing articulation of language. I think you would make a great writer.
    Da Blob and OreSama, if you'd be interested I could post some interesting material regarding Baphomet (a history which holds her to be a female counterpart of Satan worshipped by Pagan esotericists, and which relates to Lilith).

    Interested, I am.
    I feel manipulated. Also, am I meant to imply that you don't want to talk about Kong Kong? The "sickeningly F" link? How dare you attempt to induce MBTI dialogue with you! :mad:

    In other news:
    if this is about the PMs, oops. I had responses, but they seemed completely unnecessary and insignificant, especially in relation to what you'd already said. Perhaps I should've sent a message to that effect.
    Done; the latter is impossible since no ignoring has commenced at any point.

    I was slightly suspicious of Kong Kong for a while but ignored it. Just had a look. Why that word?
    [Note: might possibly be away for a few days, and unable to answer PMs or posts].
    oh I understand that really well. I have scrap books from when I was a teenager which are filled with similar images (and poems and lyrics) and yes - they were a protection, a reminder of a different reality, a different possibility.
    Of course, I should mention that I am an atheist, which I think gives me a lot of er...free space to imagine such things..
    I think I shall be incorporating this into one of my stories, but really this concept of the soul being of god, and the body of satan goes so well with my personal conceptions of Christian themes.

    In my mind Lucifer is the original human, a thing of flesh, lust and senses, the id of humanity, and thus, in my opinion, both purer and more true than God himself, who is bound to this noble concept of the soul which seeks to surpass our very nature, and seems caught up in it's own denying philosophy.

    Please feel free to pass further delicacies of such a nature my way!
    Ah, my dearest Lyra, you put me on a pedestal!

    I fear it is only so long before you shove me off!

    I would send you an *actual* letter if you gave me your address, but considering the fact that you find it difficult to give out an *actual* email address, the idea seems a little surreal...

    And ah!

    Thank you ever so much for the Wiki-page.

    Some fascinating things just go under the radar, or my radar at least.
    I was totally unaware of such a sect.

    I must admit I am fascinated by the idea of semi-(earthly?)angels, and of the seven reincarnations, but most of all I adore the notion of ' contained within them a shard of the Divine Light (the Soul) which was trapped in a "garment" of flesh (the Body) by Lucifer.'

    Ah, deluded humans have such glorious inklings.^_^


    I await a pm response missy, and if I don't get it'll well...I'll kick up a fuss I suppose....
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