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  • When I first saw your name I got really excited 'cause I thought it said 'Madness.'
    Then I would have proceeded to post something like this:
    "This is madness!" "Madness? This ... is ... SPARTAAA!"
    But Madoness is cool, too.
    Hey Madoness. Did you try the Arch-wiki already? It's really good at getting your stuff to work. Otherwise, for compiz you must have a hardware-acceleration-able driver for your graphics. That means installing them (so they exist, and your graphics support that) and telling X to use them. Now in nowadays Archs' X, it works without xorg.conf probably, unless you created one. I don't have a clear solution for you in short, i suggest you check the Archwiki again (for X, your graphics card/chip and compiz), and/or you come to irc (to our channel, or to #archlinux on freenode, they are, when you ask nicely and show will to learn, helpful there). ;)
    About the fan-thing, i dunno, mine always worked. Same advice as above then.

    Is the answer to your einstein test the German who lives in the Green House?
    I was quoting "Vaporsix Creations - Down the drain". It wasn't a question. Implying that I liked the song!
    I grin at you, but I don't want to post that in the thread because someone else will have to comment on my sig again, and I don't want that.
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