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    I've always enjoyed learning about a really diverse range of things, science a lot, culture, history, languages, trying to understand whatever is happening e.g. economic crash, climate change w/e. Typical pattern is to be engrossed for 1-2 months, learn enough to be an armchair expert, form...
  2. Magus

    Witty Retorts to Common Remarks

    "You're so arrogant!" "Arrogant... Moi?" Generally the best comebacks are very contextual, so there are limits to what you might be able to pre-prepare. On a related note, does anyone else ever find themselves going through past conversations in their head, working out the best retorts or...
  3. Magus

    INTP shit you did as a child

    Was given a microscope kit for by 13th birthday which was pretty awesome. I used it to look at pond water, bugs, leaves, bits of meat and vegetables. I used to cut myself (with clean scalpels of course) to take blood samples to then look at. I could just make out the cells. When I was a little...
  4. Magus

    Is it possible to become more intelligent?

    Intelligence is a tricky concept to pin down. In terms of 'natural ability' I don't think it is possible to improve yourself -- your genes are your genes, but there are a multitude of factors which will affect how traits are expressed, e.g. early child learning opportunities, good nutrition etc...
  5. Magus

    Are you ever accused of lying

    Not often accused of lying, but I am now; a lot of things I've said before are actually coming back to bite me. I'm a very good liar, I've just been very sloppy in following up. I think a better term for what I tend to do would be 'expectation managing' rather than outright deception, as I very...
  6. Magus

    Mental Health

    Um honestly it would be impossible to say. I think possibly a bit of both, all I can seem to pin my finger down on is that it is generally accompanied by some sort of mood swing, so thats why I started looking at bipolar types and mood disorders generally. These both describe me very well. As...
  7. Magus

    You've been turned into an android. How do you tune yourself?

    An excellent beard or moustache would be nice.
  8. Magus

    Do you enjoy arguing/debating/sharing?

    INTP. Enjoy debating/arguing. I find formal debating (the public speaking sense) to be a very dishonest way of weighing between the value of different ideas. I've competed at university level and honestly it has more in common with theatre than it does any sort of intellectual pursuit...
  9. Magus

    Has anyone here successfully developed Fe?

    Apologies if this seems a little off topic but my understanding of type theory is that very few people actually learn how to successfully fully integrate their inferior function (and if they do its usually around 30s-40s). Does anyone know more about this? :confused:
  10. Magus

    The option of an Intp dominant society: How bad do we want it?

    And probably short lived, but it would be glorious. Like the Solvay Congress on the RMS Titanic. :)
  11. Magus

    Mental Health

    My hypomania is quite similar to yours, my thought process kind of jumps between things and is a bit haphazard, I don't sleep much (staying up for 3 nights at a time, with only a few hours sleep), and I tend to have a short attention span. Its kind of like a feeling of progress, I have to be on...
  12. Magus

    Total War!

    I only own Rome and Napoleon, both of which I found to be really great. Gameplay tends to get a bit repetitive sadly (you get used to the same unit combinations/tactics/maps) but oh well. I mostly stuck to pitched battles over the campaign (short attention span I guess). Rome 2 looks fantastic...
  13. Magus

    Mental Health

    What do you mean? I don't know your situation, but perhaps being aware of yourself would put you in a better position to manage your life, surely this is a good thing?
  14. Magus

    Who are You?

    Haven't decided yet. :smoker:
  15. Magus

    What do you value?

    Consistency. Idealisation but only when accompanied with humility.
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