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  • Ah.

    Now I remember saying that...vaguely, on the forum which should not be named.

    Harro again.
    It fits, that's how (:

    It's just something I've been
    called since I was little, for
    picking at my food.
    Yeah? I used to have a best
    friend like that when I was
    little. But her name was
    Yes (: Thank you for taking
    that into consideration Mary

    People often tell me that
    I remind them of their ex-
    girlfriends. Quite the compliment,
    no? Hahahaha
    Also, it's the weirdest thing to be gone for a while and then find a whole bunch of new names you don't recognize making all the posts. I was a little confused, haha.
    I was actually going to post here last night and say hello and then I got distracted and forgot... hehe :P
    But yeah! I've been on quite a few times in the past couple days because I'm on holiday vacation and have almost nothing to do and my computer is crappy and won't run World of Warcraft or any other games. Sho shad. I took somewhat of a hiatus for a while because I got rather busy and kinda forgot about this place. And now I'm back.
    How've you been lately?
    Wow Mary, you're amazing!
    Well, to be honest, I don't know you enough to call you amazing, really, but you seem - like a happy child. I like happy children.

    It's nice to have you back :)
    I don't know enough about it to form an opinion yet. But yeah I'd say they are still applicable, It would be a huge cop out if I just said, they don't count. Personality disorder is still a personality. It's something I had been meaning to look more into, to see what kind of different personalities are forming and if they are actually using different cognitive functions or not. I kind of doubt they are, but it would be interesting to find out.
    The problem is that I now have a Japanese test to study for which really is a pain in the butt. -_-
    True.. Can't forget the bunnies or faries =o!
    I'm generally very obnoxious (Or at least people tend to think I am when they read my thread.. Hehe =P)
    So I have no problem with that.
    Brainstorm -

    Unicorn, birds, cute jeans, pink, purple.. Oh and butterflies.

    Did that make me look gay? Oh no.. Not again. I'm not gay! =o
    Keep the Unicorns in though.. You figure out how to do a subtle handshake with unicorns though! =)
    Yeah. How about making unicorn, horns? And you know, 'ride' in a circle 2 and a half times..

    Wait, it's not secret now, crap.
    You got to come up with something then! =)
    The one I have now, or the one with the Ostrich? I hope it's the Ostrich! =O I don't want my face to be "amusing" =o!
    I know i'm not exactly a model. But personally I like to know who I'm talking to and I thought People might want to know who they are talking to.
    And this was the 'best' picture. I've never been good at having my picture taken.

    EDIT: By the way. Your avatar amuses me as well! (It doesn't, really. I just want to get back at people =))
    Well, thanks. Of course, depression is something that all INTPs go through so I have no doubt it will come to pass soon. It's just..sigh. This has been a new kind of depression.
    Thanks guys, it's nice to have support. I've been having lots of conflicts lately with people and myself. It's like I've hit rock bottom. Not to mention that I have been grasping with the meaningless of life and my own self-image.
    BTW, there's no conflict between liking algebra and liking geometry. I liked both too. :D
    haha, I'm pretty sure there isn't any real gambling action in Los Angeles (all gambling in CA has to be on an Indian Reservation or else it's illegal), but the people watching is fun especially in Venice Beach! Tons of crazy body builders down there :D hehe.
    I'm jealous of your art skills, I wish I knew how to draw/paint well so I could express myself through it. Tablets are da bomb, my aunt has one and I want to steal it badly. I love photoshop too, whenever I get a little bored I look up tutorials and figure out how to do something new. Fun! Why do you throw your art away?
    Ohh, puppet shows! That sounds magnificent. The trig part, as well :D.
    Hahaha, computers FTW. How about art projects on the computer? That's more my style! I do like to draw in class, though. Sadly I'm not very good, and I don't really have the discipline right now to practice and get better. :P
    Hmm, well tonight I'm driving up to Los Angeles and spending the night there with a couple friends. Then we're dropping off one of the friends at the airport (sadness!) for her flight back to school on Florida at like 4:30 in the morning. After that we're driving back home, I have to take a shower/sleep/energize for the drive BACK up to LA (ahh, so much driving) to celebrate the Vernal Equinox at the Griffith Observatory! WOO! I'm so excited for that. On Sunday I have to study for some mid terms, but besides that I plan to sleep. :D That is my weekend!
    Haha, indeed. There are so many other things that I would rather do, that I just end up doing the other things and forget that I'm supposed to be cleaning! Luckily I don't make too much of a mess the majority of the time (unless I can't decide what to wear, then clothes end up strewn ALL OVER my room, sometimes in different rooms) so cleaning's pretty easy. Have anything fun planned for the weekend?
    Ooh, that sounds kind of fun! I'm wonderful, just tyring to get some house- type things (ex. laundry, dishes, etc) done before the weekend! Kind of failing at it though, I keep getting distracted. Go figure :P
    Did you draw your avatar yourself?

    BTW, I do not consider your handwriting large, and I disagree with ash on a few things, but I won't be putting anything in the thread since I haven't looked at Lithorn (Yours kind of caught my eye. Pretty kiddy, lol)
    No problem. This is a new hobby that I've started to pick up. ;)

    I might spend my money to see that circus. Or probably not...not worth the nagging from my mom. :(
    Wow am I glad you're back.

    There's alot more new interesting threads for you to look at. :P
    I might even post a list in a while.
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