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  • Especially if you're doing your best to not mince the language for the specific REASON of avoiding sounding disrespectful or incompetent. All of a sudden you're unable to roll an "R" and you suck. :(

    Know what's always bugged me? "Infinite" and "finite" have short and long "I"s respectively. It's only plus a prefix, why does the whole pronunciation change?! :confused:

    On a side note, this conversation has brought up an odd craving for some Scrabble. (Though, I'm rather annoying to play with, I'm told. My turns take forever and a day...)
    I always figured it sounded nice either way, depending on what words it was paired with.

    D-VINE grace... D-VEEN intervention, and yet people can get so angsty over it! Then, other words they go all, "Potato po-tat-o!" Inconsistent bastards should decide when it is or isn't okay to be inconsistent!

    Also: "Consistency"
    Judging by the fact that we both seem to be online at the same time (I see your posts under the 'new posts' section), you seem to be just as addicted to the internet as I am! Hehe. Go nerd-dom.
    Ahh god. The word 'chunk' drives me crazy for some reason. It's just so... chuuuuunnnkkkk.
    'Drawer,' also.
    Get it? 'Cause Marvin was a Martian and your intro title said "Greetings. Earthlings." and then your username is Mary which has a long M sound and...and...

    Yes, well.

    I suppose I've thoroughly established myself as a dork.:D
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