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  • You can set it up so that you can save the PMs you send to people.

    User CP -> Edit Options -> Private Messaging
    There's only one "View conversation" button and it's at the bottom of the very first message posted here. I don't see how to respond to you. I also get no record when sending private PM's and it's a bit disconcerting.
    I'm not sure whether you were aware of it, but you're writing on your own Visitor Message wall, instead of responding on someone else's, therefore they get no notification or response, they won't see it until they visit your profile

    If you hit the "View conversation" button at the bottom of a Visitor Message, or go to that person's page you won't mess up
    The problem is that people only get paid to teach what some bureaucracy deems important, and people are only rewarded for learning those same things in a traditional educational system. Anyone should be able to offer to teach anything and even make some cash at it if enough people wish to learn it. It would be oversimplification to say I want to create an educational website, or a tutoring website, or an academic wiki, or a how-to wiki, or an interactive knowledge sharing community, or an open forum for generation and consumption of comprehensive lesson plans. There are a lot of oversimplifications I could make. That's why I have umpteen pages of notes accompanied by a full business plan to get the idea more concrete.

    I think I've divulged too much for a public post. After all that though, if you're still interested, I'd be happy to share further details more privately.

    I live in South OC at the moment...
    Do I have that somewhere in my profile or is this in response to something I said in a thread?

    Anyway, I'm working on learning programming -> web development (.NET C#).

    The ultimate goal is to build a website I have largely designed and laid out, written a moderately comprehensive business plan for, and decided to devote my foreseeable future to. It's more than just a website though. That's the first step. The goal is to revolutionize an obsolete educational system. People have made great strides to this end but are still missing the point IMO...

    It's complicated, which is why I can't afford to hire a qualified web development team to help me out. I'll do my best to summarize:
    Hey what kind of web development projects are you working on? Where in Southern California you at?
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