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  1. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    This is very helpful thank you I’m still really panicked though and that’s making it hard to work on it :/ I’m outta Xanax rip
  2. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    I’m actually on my last assignment of high school right now and need to get it done. I’ve spent so many hours the past week sitting at my desk staring at it and getting barely any done even though it’s extremely important for my grades. It’s horribly frustrating knowing I have to do something...
  3. Nebulous

    Last movie you watched

    Lawrence of Arabia! Fantastic. I want to watch it again. It was four hours long but I still felt like there was so much story left to tell and would have gladly watched hours more of it. The acting, the writing, the visuals, the music, everything five stars, fantastic Definitely one of my...
  4. Nebulous

    The "what do I do?" thread for short term dilemmas

    Back again bein dumb Sooo I’m 18 and want to go to a concert in... two days. I have the ticket and all that I haven’t told my parents though because last weekend I tried to go out with my friends and my dad literally blocked the door and wouldn’t let me leave. I don’t want to lie about what...
  5. Nebulous

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    My boyfriend had this in his YouTube recommended & thought of me... I love it :)
  6. Nebulous

    Mushroom identification

    I found some big mushrooms yesterday, not sure what they are or if they're the same species. Both were along the side of the road, the bigger one on the side of a stump and the smaller in a pile of wood chips. (Northeast USA.) Lots of pics Found the CD outside too lol it adds an idea of size tho
  7. Nebulous

    OCD Test.

    I just did the test again because I think I'm doing a lot better than I was years ago. Surprised that I got a 23 this time! I thought it would be much lower. I am doing better, but I think that's more with anxiety related things than OCD... maybe. I still have a lotta trouble getting...
  8. Nebulous

    Mushroom identification

    Hey! There's an app called Seek by iNaturalist that is pretty good at identifying things, or at least giving you a good idea. It works for fungi, plants, animals, and lichen. You hold your phone camera up to it and move it around, I think it matches it with tons of other pictures to ID stuff...
  9. Nebulous

    Convince me to do my homework

    I hate working in the library. I haven’t got a single thing done, and I’m too jumpy; I get slightly freaked out everytime a person walks by me. Don’ttt like that. I didn’t do my part of a school project and the person who was rightfully pissed off at me is at the library too, and has been...
  10. Nebulous

    D&D Alignments

    It helps as a guideline / reminder to stay in character in the game. I was actually just thinking about dnd alignments and have this up http://easydamus.com/alignment.html it’s a really good explaination of the alignments. You can’t really apply them to actual real life people that well. But in...
  11. Nebulous

    Does smoking help with stress and anxiety?

    I smoked when I was 15-16. It helped me feel more grown up, which helped with self esteem. Most of my anxiety was from having strict parents, and I felt trapped/ like I couldn’t be myself at all/ like I had no autonomy. Smoking helped because it was the biggest F you to my parents. It was so...
  12. Nebulous

    The "what do I do?" thread for short term dilemmas

    Oop that’s all good ^ - My friend is drunk and I don’t know what to say to him. We’re texting, I asked where he was/ if he’s safe/ who’s with him and he’s with family but I’m still concerned How should I keep up the conversation? I don’t want to say something wrong, I don’t know how much...
  13. Nebulous

    Things you want to do before dying

    I’m happy for you, Happy! & redb proves to be relatable again - - - I want to go to more AJJ concerts. That band is really inspiring to me and it’s just a great experience. More punk concerts in general. Political activism concerts? The actual best things. I need me more of them. I’ve heard...
  14. Nebulous

    Halloween costume plans + SUPER awesome Halloween masks

    My bf and I are being Donnie Darko & Gretchen (the gal from the movie), but I’m not satisfied just wearing normal looking clothes so we’re both gonna goth it up somehow. Be zombie versions of them or somethin. We wanted our friend to be Frank but making that bunny mask would be so much work and...
  15. Nebulous

    OCD Test.

    Wow I think I was too generous with the earlier questions by answering based on myself pre-medication I got uh 26 I’m diagnosed with pretty bad OCD and woah that was two years? Yeah I’ve been taking Zoloft for two years which has definitely helped.
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