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Recent content by Nezumi

  1. Nezumi

    I have 3 months of self-studying coming up, help?

    I'm doing a very broad range of subjects at once. Including three programming languages that have different syntax. And I would like to be competent enough to make money as soon as possible. I find it odd that I come asking for help in not slacking (which is a first for me) and I get told...
  2. Nezumi

    I have 3 months of self-studying coming up, help?

    In a couple weeks, I'm going to go from working at sucky entry-level jobs to staying at home and giving myself (With my INTJ boyfriends help/management) a crash course in web design/css/java/etc so that I can help him with larger contract jobs. Which will make us more money than my job now does...
  3. Nezumi

    A watcher in Cogs

    Often times I feel like a stowaway inside a giant machine. Watching the cogs turn by. Tapping this one and that to see if something happens. But most times I sit and observe. Listen to passersby's notice and remark about the machine. Cringe and try desperately to withhold the 'well, actually..'...
  4. Nezumi

    wikintp, dear

    Better then a snake in your boot...
  5. Nezumi

    INTPs as Salespeople

    I didn't read your post before writing mine but I was happy to see that my thoughts and yours are similar on pushing/upsaling. ^.^
  6. Nezumi

    INTPs as Salespeople

    I've worked in sales for 5 year and recently got out. I did minor management in most of them. I noticed that I would latch onto things to keep me going. Make games out of things or floo charts in my head of how to talk to people. Selling is just finding the right pattern of things to say to...
  7. Nezumi

    Hi, hopeful mortals

    If he tells you, he'll have to make a new one. Or maybe kill you.. :D
  8. Nezumi

    INTP's and cooking

    I like baking/slow cooking more. I like to be able to walk away. Having to stay near a simmering pot is so hard sometimes. Though to distract myself to stay IN the kitchen, I do dishes while cooking. This solution has cut down my burnt meals considerably.
  9. Nezumi

    Shame on Whom?

    I'm not taking any sides as I didn't know him. But this point made me lol.
  10. Nezumi

    Do you watch porn?

    Do you watch porn? Yes What sort of porn do you like? Anything that interests me. Humans are such odd things. I don't understand this need/obsession for sex. Did you know that some people are turned on by balloons?!? Have you a special preference or is anything fine? If I wanted to be turn...
  11. Nezumi

    Indentured Servitude

    Ethically permissible? probably not by social standards. But I think it would be a cool option. I see a ton of room for abuse though. Since this would cross social/economical lines. It would be very easy to write up a wordy contract to confuse lower educated people and take away even more...
  12. Nezumi

    What makes you any different?

    Don't worry. My Fe only thrives because I live with a ton of NF's as roommates in a comunity house. So i watch their patterns and try to avoid them. ^.^ Before living at this house it wasn't even really on the stack. Instead it was let to run wild. It hid most of the time and secretly cause...
  13. Nezumi

    Getting stuck Laughing

    I'm not sure if this is an INTP thing or a human thing but I find that I get 'stuck' in emotions, laughter being the worst. If someone says something I find amusing to the point of laughing hard and then keeps on making jokes...there is a chance that my brain will get stuck and I'll just keep...
  14. Nezumi

    Why so interested in typology?

    I've thought about this for a while now. I think for me, it helps me understand people. I used to quickly get irritated by people that didn't think like me. Since I didn't really have a way to understand others and social rules didn't make sense I tended to be very introverted. In my mind, it...
  15. Nezumi

    What makes you any different?

    I don't write like other intp's. I grew up in a very xSxJ based family. My brother is the closest to me, being a ISTP. But he's still a very concrete thinker. Both my parents were very pushy for me to be like them so I had to learn to mimic it. They were divorced My xSFJ father hating me acting...
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