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  1. Nick

    The first soft-shutdown of the world

    What if this event that just took over our lives for the last year happened only to set the precedent for future ones, which may last longer than normal during the squeeze (shorter period of time where everything shut down, no travel, shelter-in-place_). Letting the public know what...
  2. Nick

    Is the Universe a hologram

    you might enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KcPNiworbo
  3. Nick

    I'm no different from a can of pineapple

    If you were given two million dollars to design anything over the course of 4 years, what would you focus on?
  4. Nick

    Is there a job which requires you to summarize a great amount of information?

    Give me a room, a ton of documents and a couple of days, and I'll take all the key points and lay them out so it's easy for the layman to understand. Sounds like my perfect career, someone put me in it!
  5. Nick

    when you're old

    I want to fantasize that when I was young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.
  6. Nick

    Manipulator wants break college - need your opinion

    Perhaps you should invest in a college English fresher-upper course.
  7. Nick

    Post Your Cool Photos!

    particle tracks:
  8. Nick

    Face memory test

    You got 57 of 75 questions correct. The average score is 63.7. Your score is higher than 7.57% of other people who take this test. Scores below 40 may indicate prosopagnosia.
  9. Nick

    Spirit animal.

  10. Nick


    Seeker. Not too keen on how the last 20% of the quiz is collecting market data to sell. :/
  11. Nick

    my friend didnt ask me out and ban me

    Have a lot of money so your extroverted friends can come over and use all your fun toys.
  12. Nick

    Thoughts On Space-travel?

    Outside of our own solar system is pointless for space travel, unless you're an unmanned probe. Like Cog said, there's too much to deal with, and even if we perfect our protection and optimize the speed of travel to 99.999% of c, we still won't get anywhere fast. There'll be a loophole that...
  13. Nick

    If you're feeling depressed don't read this!

    The trick is making your minds default option of feeling something good, supported by an environment you've created.
  14. Nick

    If you're feeling depressed don't read this!

    How many languages do you know Cognisant?
  15. Nick

    Website I am making

    Nice site! Do you guys accept lactose intolerant people into your society of wine and cheese?
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