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Recent content by Niclmaki

  1. Niclmaki

    Minecraft Bragging Post

    I would brag, but most of what I create are moreso organically grown than lovingly crafted. Big projects always get only about 50-80% done. My latest big project was a 100x100 pyramid made out of netherbrick. I gave it some lighter red accents with red netherbrick. I had so much extra...
  2. Niclmaki

    Minecraft Bragging Post

    You can have a hopper minecart collect the eggs, put em into a chest, have that chest feed into a dispenser and reshoot them into the pen for more chickens. Eggs have a chance of spawning baby chickens without having to feed any of em. If you put it in a small enough area you can have chickens...
  3. Niclmaki

    Analytical Psychology - is it just pseudoscience?

    Firstly, thanks for responding to what was essentially just my rambling meditations on the subject lol. Secondly, I just mean it is more like art than science. That is in the sense that while there are some ‘step by step’ guides for how to psychoanalyze someone, but it is not enough. You can’t...
  4. Niclmaki

    Analytical Psychology - is it just pseudoscience?

    The best you can do to make psychology a “science” is to follow statistical analysis with applied scientific method. But, since the results will never be applicable to any specific individual, its use will be limited. CBT seems to be the best we have done so far. Aside from the physical study of...
  5. Niclmaki

    Honing ideas

    lawl - I got that feeling too. I think it’s just a consequence of absorbing a lot of data, but not analyzing and manipulating it. Wait a second... that’s exactly what a script of some ai bot would do! Prove your human-ness! A kind of “rule of thumb” at spotting people that do this is seeing how...
  6. Niclmaki

    Race Me!

    Cool, like a mix of the non-feral ghouls from Fallout, and undead in darksouls. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ghoul https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Undead
  7. Niclmaki

    autodidact and self learning/practicing

    I think you gotta better define what you mean by “grasp something”. Not to mention it can vary wildly between persons and what the THING is. I can ‘grasp’ most concepts in an afternoon as long as I’m engaged in doing something related to it and not simply having things dictated to me. If it is...
  8. Niclmaki

    Race Me!

    Oh yeah, I should have added, I imagined them being quite the mimics. Either consciously or unconsciously, they are copying the environment and societies around them. “Well these humans come in two varieties, guess I/we will too” “Sometimes they produce more of themselves, we will too!” “They...
  9. Niclmaki

    Race Me!

    There you go, one inspired by your username. :p
  10. Niclmaki

    Race Me!

    The Cognoscenti Sentient clockwork people. Essentially immortal, if their bodies are destroyed, the parts can still move, and likely reassemble, but probably smaller as some parts may have been lost. Little sense of self-preservation is the consequence. Likely to be very reckless. Working any...
  11. Niclmaki

    When did you realize you exist?

    Probably when I was 10 or 11. I felt entirely almost just “on rails” before then. I continued that way for about another 8 years before actually asserting my self determination. I suppose those interim years were used to ‘build’ myself, and separating others’ determination on me, and my own...
  12. Niclmaki

    Moral Values

    “...for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” - Hamlet, Shakespeare As to the deconstructing of religious morality, I tend to agree. There does not exist an objective morality. We’re all freestylin’ it out here. However, a general convention of morality and values...
  13. Niclmaki

    Not exactly sure what that means, but I googled “chaotic neutral” and was amused by what I saw.

    Not exactly sure what that means, but I googled “chaotic neutral” and was amused by what I saw.
  14. Niclmaki

    A rant about wanting to be different

    That’s exactly how these “personality tests” I did in school worked. The other one was True Colours or something like that. I got all kinds of concerned looks and reminding that I ought not to follow the profession and career that I was heading in because it didn’t match what this test said...
  15. Niclmaki

    Star Trek Picard

    I enjoy it enough to keep watching it. A few non-spoilery complaints though. There’s one episode so far that was 75% a “wtf is this”. Other 25% was solid. It’s also a little bit difficult to care about anyone not in Picard’s immediate circle. There’s a character that would have been better if...
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