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  • You should apply as soon as possible if you need resident permit, visa and other such documents to reside in the country you want. Also if you apply early the university will be able to provide accommodation (most universities do). Another thing is that some programs accept only a limited amount of students. So the earlier the better.

    That was an info dump, but it's what I can tell you without knowing what you are applying. Hope it helps. If you have other questions just ask :)

    PS: Posting this was so painful :X bad internet and character limits
    However when you are talking to administration ask them if you have to legalize your diploma and your birth certificate. This basically means that a lawyer will need to put a stamp on them that says they are authentic.

    I am pretty sure Norway has grade requirements for Bachelor applicants. You will have to check those on the page of the program you want to apply for. With Germany it was the same - each university has the right to set different admission requirements. So University A's requirements for Molecular Biology might be different from University B's.

    Also universities will require foreign students to prove that they have a certain amount of money in their bank accounts. Usually it's a few thousands. The idea is to prove you have the finances to live in their for a certain amount of time and not become a burden. There are different scholarships you can look into. Universities usually have a "how to finance your studies" page.
    I'm assuming you are applying for a Bachelor degree. Are from Guam and do you hold only Guam citizenship? I don't know how much research you've done, but in the EU each country has its own admission rules. But pretty much everywhere you have different rules for applicants from inside the EU and outside. Some countries even have a separate set of rules for their own students. The fees are also much more steep if you are coming from outside of the EU. Generally, regardless of which country you choose you'll have to prove that you know english (this can be either IELTS or TOEFL exam or previous education completed in English). In Germany, depending on the program you choose you might need to prove you can also speak German (some programs have classes in English and German). If you're from Guam then your current education's diploma will probably be enough.
    Which countries are you interested in? I've studied in the UK, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, so I might be able to help :)
    I don't add any soy sauce to my rice. The condiment usually goes to the meal itself which is then served together with the unflavored rice.
    You seem to have a fixation with suicide by hanging.
    Why not a bullet through the head or a vail of poison?
    Or a bridge?
    Or walking into a church wearing an ape mask?
    There are many entertaining ways to go, and hanging is not one of them.
    Great avatar, to me it looks like the face of an atheist who walked into an anti-gay/abortion/whatever convention and asked the attendees over a loudspeaker "What is the true form of Christianity?"

    And is watching the ensuring chaos.
    Do you know allot about Classical antiquity? I'm looking for a good internet source on Hypatia. I'm asking you because you are much younger but have more depth than what I had when i was at 16.

    Cadance as part of the golden class makes me feel a warmth for her as epitomizing a wise caring leader.
    Oh I just love instagram! It's a great way to show how I am through my pics I post of the the things I like and of my family and friends. Great question!
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