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  • Almost have a KT huh. I remember when I got the king tiger way back when that was my first tier 8. Well you can still go for it I have to say the E100 as my first tier 10 was a HUGE let down.
    You listed world of tanks as one of the good games out now on the thread. So then I take it you must play it? Also what have you done to Reimu and Marisa?!?!
    :o did you vote TKL too?

    I did not regret my decision too as I would have felt immeasurably guilty had I switched to TCB and he lost his deposit (which, in the final result, he did). At least now I can say "wen xin wu kui".
    I see disdain as a sign of an arrogance. His first TV broadcast felt big brotherish.

    TJS is a complete idiot la. Sadly my effort to help TKL keep his election deposit failed.

    Of course I know of the JPSDS and SAF-ITE scheme. It's not about having a good life, but surviving. It's like molecules in boiling water. Some get enough energy and escape. But the rest are stuck and keep bumping into the other molecules.

    Everyday I fret about school fees, text book costs, thankfully not quite at the "where's my next meal" level yet. Sure, you can say "but people can always work harder, earn more $$" - how much harder do we have to work? And of course, I know my own life is not much of a sample. But still.

    Lol CNA is super funny today. Keep getting rebuffed by the candidates. Did you see the part where they panned to Tony Tan, interrupting something to say "We've got a live interview...well, perhaps not"?

    TJS is such a media whore. And didn't get his speech telecast live. Idiot.
    I'm not anti-foreigner and neither is my party, really. There is nothing wrong with immigration per se but infrastructure must be improved enough to handle the inflow and the labour market must still have jobs for Singaporeans.

    I'm not sure about us failing to compete in the global arena. Much anecdotal evidence suggests that Singaporeans find it easier to compete overseas.

    You sound like someone who was at least born into a reasonably functional family. I've had teenaged staff who had rather sad backgrounds, end up in the ITE, don't care about studying - what's going to happen when all these people become even more disenfranchised than they already are?

    I like TKL. Frankly, I feel he's the only real finance guy. Tony Tan's worth is insufficiently independently attested to. And I'm impressed by the four-language nomination speech too. But he seems the least likely to win.

    TT is arrogant. Maybe you see it as confidence and strength, I don't know.
    You should go back and check out the guideline thread. See the troll that you so warmly welcomed! =)
    They won't touch you? Why the sudden muscle? But okay, that wasn't my point though. I just didn't really want to fill a thread with a completely irrelevant argument.

    Oh and hey, I thought you were too busy, you know precious time and all.
    I've replied to your post. How about you answer me with a visitors/private message? I think your beef with me doesn't have anything to do with the thread, and I think the mods would agree with me.

    Your choice though, I'm only making a suggestion, not telling you what to do.
    Pfft, why are YOU so whipped up? :p

    I'm basing this on our skype convos with fill (and latte I think?). And I'm not stalking you, you pickled gizzard! I just happened to be in the same thread, at the same time, staring at your underpants! So there!

    And like I said, it's my opinion.
    "For instance, I do not speak with a Singlish accent" --- YES YOU DO, though you may not perceive it. Your enunciation is singaporean, though your inflections may *occasionally* sound western. The overall sound to me is still of a singaporean speaking in a slightly western manner.

    That's my opinion anyway.
    Thanks. Oh, and about the last thing you said in that "response to pod'lair" about what type you are.

    I don't type people through text alone, there was a point where I was doing this, so I assume that is why you think I will. But over time I recognized the inherent weaknesses and unreliability of trying to properly interpret the use of cognitive functions simply by analysing the way a person is typing. So it is video or nothing.
    Have you ever been viewing who is online, and then noticed that at the exact same moment someone else is viewing who is online. And then you wonder if where ever they are on earth, they too are looking at your status of "Viewing whose online."

    And for a brief moment, you feel like you made a connection?
    For what it's worth, I enjoy your every participation: comments and ideas.
    Mm. Yes.

    Distinction should be drawn between validity and soundness, as I said. The whole purpose is to identify arguments which may be untrue (even if they may be true part of the time), so we will not be misled.

    Anyway, it is your right to have an illogical sig :p

    I have studied logic semi-formally, but knew it before I did that. A book called "How to win every argument: the use and abuse of logic" taught me much (not sure if you've read that before). And a book called "How to win any argument" helped with the emotional side.

    Though considering my lack of success hitherto, they mightn't help. Though I suspect that has more to do with the ineptitude of the reader than the authors :(.

    And your last post wouldn't have been unassailable (logic wise). I would say "no offence", but I'm not particularly enamoured of that cliche.

    Nice avatar, anyway.
    You persist in remaining Oblivious! :p

    A true conclusion can follow from true premises even if there is a flawed argument. The contentious word is because. Affirming the consequent is a fallacy in deductive logic regardless of whether there are conditions under which the latter can be fulfilled while the former is not, because true conclusions do not invariably follow from true premises when you use this logical structure (I'm sure you know what a logical fallacy is). Granted, it is usually inductively cogent - but "because" differs from "because it is highly likely that" & friends.

    I'm sure you know what would be a valid form of your sig (maybe use modus tollens or something).

    Then again - I missed something else too: "cannot be" != "is not".
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