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  1. onesteptwostep

    Am I on the autism spectrum?

    AK isn't a bad person, with that I definitely agree, but coddling his purposeless curiousness (which is just a want for attention, actually, some social interaction) isn't going to better him. Just tough love.
  2. onesteptwostep

    Amuse me for a second, I am going to conjure a conspiracy theory..

    It has to do with American politics and how Europe, or actually how the Vatican, uses pro-life to divide America. So hear me out: for a lot of Republican voters, one major issue they vote for is abortion. If anyone has studied the history of abortion and how it relates to Protestants in the US...
  3. onesteptwostep

    Am I on the autism spectrum?

    You shouldn't waste your energy interacting with AK. Words on this forum is just data to him, not an actual, organic interaction. People who had issues on this site and have gone off I feel are doing much better in their lives I feel. Anyway, living this forum as a social arena while giving up...
  4. onesteptwostep

    Am I on the autism spectrum?

    I think generally you need to be active outside your own house. You need to go to restaurants, (I mean, when corona is down), relax and be able to eat, have some chit chat with passerbys and be able to enjoy and soak in nature a bit. Typing things on the computer and wondering what psychological...
  5. onesteptwostep

    the goal of life is self perfection

    The goal of life is discovering the answer. Maybe the answer is sentient.
  6. onesteptwostep

    Am I on the autism spectrum?

    Being on the internet for most of your waking hours is a pretty well telling sign that you're slightly autistic. Being on the computer for a notably extended period of time means your social world is nonexistent. This means you have handicapped interpersonal relationship skills, or lopsided EQ.
  7. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

  8. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

  9. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

    ^ lol
  10. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

  11. onesteptwostep

    Dumb and dumbers from Youtube.

    I miss the dumb pointless youtube videos that defined the 2000s. Let's go back to that. Rules: 1) Videos must be under 3 minutes 2) Only 1 video per day 3) You are allowed to comment on someone's video, but if you do, you must post a video yourself
  12. onesteptwostep

    Please ban my account

    Want a tip? Post po... That's all I will say :D Happy account suiciding!
  13. onesteptwostep

    The Australian Anime/Hentai Products Import Ban

    Banning I think usually tends to drive the people who use this kind of entertainment more underground, making society overall more less safe. I think it would be better until the contents become too much for the public, then act on that public consensus, not actually legislate it from the top in...
  14. onesteptwostep

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Been addicted to this song tonight, Korean trot meets modernity!
  15. onesteptwostep

    Gender Identity

    I don't care for superiority or any alpha power stance. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is truth, and truth to me is only Christ. I never came here for a debate either, but to simply answer questions. If you thought that this was a debate, then you are framing the entire discussion falsely...
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