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  • Not to clear here. The environment produced the mind and the mind produced the environment? Isn't that the same as saying, "The environment produced everything."? Why separate them when the mind is only part of the environment? Why place emphasis on the mind?
    I was thinking random in the colloquial sense(unrelated things put together), which is only perceived randomity I guess. Regardless, I still don't know what these parameters are.
    hmm i had so much respect, but you just lost points, i thought it was you on that window ;)

    and about my pic: this is not really me, but this is really my ufo in the background, i bought it from MJ who's still in the picture. now i sit there but wish to stay anonymous ;)
    I just noticed our first conversation. I noticed I was slightly rude(?). I apologize. I didn't mean it in a certain way (that I will not mention). And I really hate that smiley.

    What is totally random is "on the windowstand". Not you, but the idea and the picture.
    I have about a year and a half remaining her, since I get deployed in about four/five months, and then my unit's getting disbanded. Dunno what's up after that.
    No, you asked how it was going. It's going. No stalls, but it's not super-charged, either.
    Everywhere other than where I'm at... no, not really. The Maritimes have a certain charm to them, and my dream is to go see the West Coast... even the Prairies are pretty cool in their own way. It's really only the immediate area around Toronto that I don't like...

    I'm planning on biking across the better part of the country either this summer or next, so I'll be able to see exactly which parts are truly awesome, and which are not so much.
    I agree. There are parts of Canada that are awesome. I don't happen to live in one of those parts, unfortunately
    haha i really did spazz out didnt I? I was so tired last night haha, couldnt sleep for some reason though. Just laid in my bed on my ipod and posted a bunch of garbage haha.
    i don't necessarily believe i'm an ENFP. i used to believe i was an INTP, though. it's all rather complicated.
    at this point, i can't say i care much about my "type". i just think this place is interesting.
    You'd be surprised, dude. Atheism isn't a religion, per se, but it's can easily become something similar. Did you know people are actually joining atheist clubs? WHY? Isn't the point of atheism to essentially avoid the organized stupidity of religion? Why organize for atheism? Seems stupid, to me. But yeah, atheism will never be a religion in the true sense of the word.
    LOL. My dad works as a pilot here and we live in the same house, you see. I'm not emancipated yet so I legally have to live with, and follow him until I'm an adult. I hope this clears up any ambiguity.:D
    Ah, Political Science. You rascal! Anyway, that sounds great! I might want to check out some political science in my life, eventually. So political science + philosophy sounds like a great bet.
    Not to the top, no. All I know is it's very tall, removing obsticles from the path of our awesome waves which may then resound, causing pulses of awesome to wash over Colorado.
    I actually think the mountains would interfere in our resonance frequency. We may have to experiment with locations. I bet the top of Pike's Peak would be the best spot in this general area.
    Dude you definitely should. Actually I shouldn't say that, as I have no idea what you'd be getting into, and you run the risk of getting raided by the DEA or run out of business by the million other pot shops in town. But the idea is awesome! Ever watch Weeds? Good show. I recommend it.
    I am not sure.. but I guess moderators become tired of him insulting so many members; lacking the ability to have a discussion without resorting to personal attacks. He really was childish. Got on my nerves as well, which is a really difficult task to accomplish btw.
    "God as a concept contradicts reality" ? That depends on the reality, I suppose. However, God as a concept has little utility - It is only God as an Entity that is of use...
    Aww, don't be so jealous... and please refrain from spamming my profile, kthanx.
    Don't worry hon, I know what you were wondering about; mine's bigger than yours. And it's totally natural, not from flaming!~
    I know. I rarely ever see 100%s. EVER!
    Although, my T might be near 100% too.
    For some reason, I always get 89% thinking on this test, but on others I get 100%.

    But my P and J are usually fluctuating. Sometimes I get a strong P, sometimes I get a weak P. But I'm pretty sure I'm a P.
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