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  • You should do standup comedy, seriously.
    Disclaimer: not saying your life is like a comedy, but the way you talk about it XD
    Hey thanks I think im funny too. I believe other people would have to find me funny to do standup.
    You have a following amongst Norwegians, at least. You should come do some standup, it'll even give Pol a reason to visit! :) Apropos, we had an Australian comedian in Oslo earlier this month, Jim Jefferies. Very good stuff!
    Jim Jefferies is great! I could probably write a standup sketch, and see how not funny I really am.
    Im curious as to what explains humor, why are some people funny?
    300iq gang
    Oh, I'm with you 100% on centipedes. My first encounter with them was moving into a home in Utah and having them scurry out of the bathtub drain when I turned it on for the first time. Then when you touch them, their legs scatter and they just wriggle. Absolutely horrendous.
    I really like your avatar. Moths are by far the best bugs. Also, I think I'd believe one if it told me it was a fairy.
    Hey man wanted to post in your thread the other day but tbh I hadn't noticed your posts previously. I went back and read some of your old ones and I just posted something on Bipolar II that may help. It is not fully diagnosable until early 20s but I had signs of hypomania back when I was in high school.

    As long as depression doesn't take over everything is going to be cool. Sleep cycles and circadian rhythms do play a large part in regulating the symptoms as well as diet. Riding the waves of emotion can be fun too but usually ends up in the same place, where no one ever wants to go.

    I am just going off what you described in your posts but it is 100% worth it to get a psych evaluation from a professional even if taking medicine is not in the cards. It is better to be preventative in this manner rather than resorting to damage control (speaking from experience). The process of verbalizing symptoms and patterns to an outsider in a non-judgemental situation is invaluable.
    I downloaded nicer inverter, that seems like a good one too. Currently using hacker vision but it makes the forum ugly.
    I....I..... I am not alone!
    I have found another person who thinks highly of Hodor.
    Please, ask me or another mod if you are really stuck. You can send a PM. I would advice you to just play around with all the buttons and explore the options. You're not going to break the forum or anything ;)
    Okay. If you want to post a visitor message to another member, you have to remember to go to their profile and post it there, or alternatively you can just click on "view conversation" in the VM window, and it brings up the conversation.

    For example, if you wanted to respond to Cherry Cola below and make sure he sees it, you click "view conversation" in the VM window and type away. The VM will appear on his profile.

    When you make a new thread, you have to go to the appropriate forum first and then click on "new thread" If you are posting a question about science, post it in Science and Technology. If it is about relationships or something private, post it in the Inner Sanctum --> Human Relationships, and it will not be publicly visible. If it is related to school or work --> School or Work --> "new thread"

    Fluff: Inner Sanctum --> Fun --> "new thread", or The Arena if you wish to battle someone. General stuff --> The Lounge. Avoid the General section, it's for announcements, etc.
    Sorry to all the mods that have to move my threads i suck at being a functioning member of any type of society.
    uhm i was reading the other day and i noticed that my hand was shaking. couldnt figure out why, eventually did. something like average tremors
    What was the dead thread about? If you wouldn't mind please do tell. It sounded like it could be something interesting :P
    not sure if joke pertaining to their looks or not noticing that they are male. in either case, judging you extra hard :3
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