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Perfectly Normal Beast

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  • Aye..aye it be, soulsuckingly fluffy: the mane of calculated insanity.
    Are you giving up your deviant throne so easily? Well, no complaints here, I shall master the kingdom beautifully.

    Oh, you just try to murder me in person. Imma gunna get u so bad (no sexual) ((maybe))

    Still some booze left. I have like 3-4 large bottles other than those on the picture and still some left in the tank which I haven't tapped yet. I have to drink approx twice the amount for same drunkenness as store bought tho

    You're probably right about the souring
    obligatory drunk message of the week. Btw you must've been pretty sober for no drunk messages for me :,(
    Every tiam you don't drunk message, a child, a CHILD, dies... horribly

    The rest of my tapping, the right one have a bit... peculiar color

    "easier to make" "just be careful about explosions"

    Ha. You're just trying to long distance murder me. I'm on to you :evil:
    Possibly. I could have added more sugar water after a week, but it wasn't quite as sour as it became a few weeks later. Now I know to take that into account.

    5 days until I can get drunk again :phear:
    So. Update on the wine-thing. It does tastes sour and "less" than bought wine, but it also "feels" better for the body. Kinda like the feel of eating junk food vs healthy food. Not that my wine is healthy like Healing Pills, but you can buy my wine and its healing power for only £100 a bottle longevity expansion guaranteed or money back.
    Well, you know what they say, an explosion a day keeps the carelessness away

    Yeah, I got drunk from my stuff last weekend. At first I was a bit skeptical (is there even alcohol in this stuff??), but eventually I started getting slightly tipsy.

    It's weaker than normal wine, though. Maybe around 7-9%? I didn't get a measuring thing because someone said they were unreliable and I figured myself such a familiar drinker that I would immediately be able to tell with my superior fine tuning and spiritual connection to alcohol.

    Turns out that was somewhat of an inaccurate prediction on my part, but got drunk so woo
    The instructions were more of do x and do y. Not saying why I should do x or y. Which is perfect for an impatient drunk, I guess D: Though, I do tend to skimread...

    Maybe I should make vinegar too..

    Wait, did the explosion thing happen to you? ._.

    And do you have like a giant wine and cider cellar with everything you made the last 70 years of your life?
    Okay, I might or might not have not tightened the cork of the tank too well .____.

    Now there's a lot of bubbles coming through the fermentation lock

    I have like a 25 liter tank with a fermentation lock. But turns out the tank sucks because when I lift it to shake it, I can hear air coming out the lid. I'm kinda unsure whether this will have a significant impact, but I'm taking the wait and see approach

    And yes, I was surprised at how easy it is. I never got into beer or wine brewing as I thought it was much of a hassle, but this is actually quite doable. And it was actually Latte who wanted to learn it. But he never started .__. so i figured I'd just give it a try. I'm the one who drinks the most anyway

    We have a small apartment, so we're keeping the tank in the living room on a chair. It smells every now and then, but not bad enough to be bothersome

    Have you made any weird flavored alkoholies?
    Well, this is like my first time ever, so I bought a starter kit with yeast, acid thingies and such. There was a dried berry mix that came along with it.

    I'm kinda lazy when having to learn new things, so for me using a starter pack is an easier way to make me interested. Next time I'll be doing more research and experiment more, I'm starting to understand how things work more.

    I'll probably use more berries than grapes, I think. Norway do have some weird berries that taste icky when raw, but might make interesting in wine.

    I might also eventually try more weird things like bananas and kiwis :phear:
    I started making my own wine yesterday. It will take like a week until it's drinkable, but there will be 25 liters of it :angel:

    Unrelated (She's not eating that, just weird cuddle):

    Circus contraption.....

    You are introducing my mind to the most obscure and worthy of melodies.
    Good taste in music you have!
    He jumped through my window and plopped down an adult mouse in front of me :P
    Hes still playing with it.

    I at least arranged for him to be taken care of...... ;(
    Damn I got stoned for the first in ages tonight, gonna miss random.
    Oh and I am going to leave random for 6 months(thus far).

    Much sadz ;(
    Not posting in the thread to avoid clutter there:
    Agreed, basic freedom is getting to see the prison bars at least. Some have already lost that capacity.

    I didn't mean to imply you would have to recommend only sci-fi.
    If you can think of other things to read that would broaden the idiomatic horizons (political, societal, any), no need to restrict yourself with the genre when recommending books to me.
    Yo, try Stanisław Lem's works, he's good and was translated: I'd say Solaris, The Invincible and Eden are worth a read to start with him
    Also give me your stuff if you will :p, gimme gimme.
    Yes, indeed, he has compleete control over my mind.
    He has this wild spirit, where he always has to do his own thing, so intp.

    Getting fucking drunk.
    Ah well life contin ues.
    This will take some time and observation then.
    He did seem to eat too much pellets, but as you said, this is to be expected from him being homeless.
    He at least seems to have the ability to communicate his needs, like miaowing by the door if he wishes to use the litter box, or sitting by the water bowl until it is filled.
    Thanks :) Guess with time I will have a better perception of his dietary needs.
    Random sniffed the necks at first, walked away, but later on dug furiously into them mostly ignoring the cat pellets.

    What is the suggested amount of necks to feed him daily?
    Also brought some chicken livers as an occasional treat :)
    yeah, i use skype mainly for text chat. voice chatting has always been kinda awkward for me. but latte (my bf) voice chats a lot and it seems potentially more fun when you do it with nerds rather than normalfags. But yeah, I mainly text chat

    yeah, i know 15 is ambitious )= I have like 5 ppl now including myself. there are two more I might be able to recruit, but they are a bit elusive. damn nerds who wont talk to ppl )=<

    yeah creepy lurker faggots. we should burn them for the fucks they are. (i wonder if swearing is frowned upon in VMs, modwise, i mean)
    im drnk

    but have nothing to say to u

    i hope you join my skapechannel one day. my plan is to make the ultimate skype channel with at least 15 people who are somewhat ok to talk to

    its actually a lot harder than youd think to find 15 ppl who are ok to talk to

    except i drank my last booze yesterday

    thats okay tho

    im good at being annoying also as sober

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