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  • I didn't want to hijack Grayman's thread, so posting it here. I think you are absolutely right about the language metaphor -- or perhaps it is an actual thing. Groups are the same anywhere, whether it's a bunch of tight-knit EF's or a bunch of awkward introverts....it's a fact of human behaviour; that we have an innate desire to belong....somewhere.

    All the different 'generations' that have joined here since I joined have all had their language. For a while it was a bunch of members doing videos of themselves -- I really could not relate to that at all.

    Then it's the first generation. Their coherence is obvious, like you said; they have that language.

    I guess there is also the silent rebel in me which refuses to join any group, even if they would appear to welcome me. I would still feel like an outsider.
    Hey, thanks for the message :)

    Habi (he, I think :D) was probably referring to my interest in Jung's theory of synchronicity as we've spoken about it on our walls a little. I'm from an arts background, so my experiments have largely been in terms of developing processual ways of observing how narratives emerge out of coincidences in space and between multiple observers.

    By empirical, what kinds of phenomena and tests are you interested in? Maybe you've already heard of him, but J.B. Rhine's paranormal school might be worth looking up; they took a statistical approach, I think.
    I tried to write a full explanation.

    Too much, just too much, I could just write chapter titles and begin writing a book, explaining emergent complexity is hard enough without going into what's supposed to emerge & how.
    Alright you're hired.

    Not as a fan-girl though, a virtual lab assistant.
    Induction will begin shortly.
    Architect does not get at what I am asking.

    I meet someone recently who is able to reconstruct what I say into mental flowcharts. Is this what you do?

    If Ti is about clear arrangement and Ne is the generator of outer possibility could this be experienced as more for me telemetry as I'm trying to be Ni-Ti so that I can delve into others congruent epistemic. Ni-Fe has/is more defensive as to knowing what not to do. I've been to much along my ISTP sibling.

    Where does INFJ consolidate when Se is oriented to music? I could be in situations where as I sought the merger between Ni-Se plot line shown in cinema.

    Ti-Si is reverential of what you happen being explained to lower understandings we have not having experience of exactly been lacking Si in me. It being deeply subconscious what do INFJs do with it?
    Am I deviating from sound predilections? I hope you will show me my errors.

    Divine inventions: The Ribosome
    How extensive is the book? Does it have information on child development, when do we mature into a type?
    I have simple reasoning when it come to typology. Linguistically the cultural environment determent how philosophers wrote so without adequate intellect typing them might lead to defining some types more capacities than others. Could you help me understand what ENFJ find most troublesome in finding out what they do not have a talent for but wish they do? Ni and Ne is focused vs broad. With Ni I have trouble expanding mental maps into Ti.
    How does distancing yourself with Fe from what isn't wanted cares about what is wanted conforms ethically? I know that If something is emotionally upsetting I try to compromise it without rejection. But I'm not likely to internally feel I must be either for or against. I'm not bipolar like Sakura. I haven't felt angry when dealing with perceived dislikes or rejections. Explaining about myself I couldn't be insightful when dealing with people unless I was to know if they liked me for then they might tolerate my explanations. Intelligence vs Creativity I haven't been taught what is the best way to use words or define what I mean concretely. My vocabulary understanding is to flexible for formal learning by myself.

    I once asked Auburn to type me. But if I'm correct we share an opposite. To have Fe as your last and me my first (reverse Ti) I do not think we can see into what would be like seeing backwards. Adymus working on the Pod'Lair side of typology coined me ENFJ that he was INFJ saw what is his reverse NiFe. That we see them what is in ourselves necessitates learning them first even to see the shadow our way of finding a type will not be fully complete without the transcendent function. This may be why types form their system begining in their perspective first. cognitivetype.com had timelines but I see progress is slow. Do you understand Fe? I would like to know more on Ti. :)
    Bout time I got some respect. :D

    I'm always making with the threats to summon Gothmog and the greater Balrogs, or tip dear Ungoliant in the right direction, or even just blam them with Grond!

    But nobody respects evil these days!

    It was >_<

    Ofcourse it would take a crap load of time, people, & study, maybe one less lazy could do it for us :D
    My mistake for assuming. Okay, so let me rephrase that question. Simply for pondering purposes, which type(s) tend to have a priority monistic view ? Sorry for the confusion. Ofcourse I wasn't expecting a factual answer. I just wanted your personal opinion. I wasn't refering to dualism. I noticed in a thread you talk about philosophy.
    I appreciate your response . Just so I have a better understanding, when we said monistic beliefs we both mean either everything is matter or spirit ?
    Hello , I have a question for you . Which type(s) do you believe are prone to have a monistic view ?
    Not in the profile pic I guess (if that really is you).

    I read your conversation with Proxy and it's refreshing to see a woman say she wants more space from her boyfriend, when it's normally the other way around.
    You will be proud of me. I asked a woman on a date for Saturday night and she accepted. The date will consist of her cooking for me and drinking wine. (I know what the ladies like.)
    Me too surprisingly. I think I am the last person to be in a serious relationship. When I was heavily involved in doing some risky trading in the market, I forgot to speak to my girlfriend for two weeks. She was not happy.
    Thanks for your response. :)

    A lot of what you shared I'm familiar with (sort of modern christianity 101) and I agree - if we accept the premise that God is real, that he talks to people, that he cares, etc. All those things. Why do you accept that premise? That's my question. I know you experience things, but do you believe in delusions and hallucinations? Could these be those? (I'm not trying to dismiss your experiences. I'm from a similar background. I just don't know how to weigh the evidence. I've been trying for years. Maybe if I experienced extreme enough things frequently enough, it'd be different - but maybe nothing would ever be enough. I have seen and experienced strange things, but almost all of them can be explained away within a materialist framework with no need for an intervening Agent.)
    I could see you stepping out of a Jane Austen book!

    So... do you ever doubt your faith? I've just been reading through the VM messages with sammael (whoops) and I'm wondering whether you buy into the vanilla gospel, or if you've moved beyond it (without implying 'moving beyond' is progress).

    From someone with a similar background and experiences, who still doesn't know what to think. Tell me as much as you want to; I'm all ears.
    I like how the angel Samael has been regarded as both good and evil, it portrays to me a kind of timeless understanding, that nothing is black and white such as for the pure or the strictly evil, which to me is a more accurate portrayal of the only way anything can be. A black knight, whose sword is swung reluctantly, with knowledge and understanding. I guess I like to think of myself that way, and that gives the name an association with who I feel I really am. It's really nothing more than a construct, but then, so are most things with subjective meaning.
    My full given first name is Samuel, however I have never really connected with that. Maybe because it's boring and common and because of its meaning, I'm not sure. I have always gravitated toward Samael, or Sammael, as I prefer it. I can't really explain why to be honest, it just feels more... like me.

    As to the meaning to me, in a spiritual sense it's not really much, it's more about ideas I relate to. I once said to a friend Samael was my angel, but given that I am personally more inclined to the non-existence over existence of such things as angels, it wasn't really in any seriousness. (note that I am not stating any absolutes in terms of existence, merely my own current perception, which I make no claim to be either final or correct). I've always had a strange fascination for any concepts of the personality of death, or death as some kind of being. There's something about that that draws me to... I know not what.
    Wow, that was... a little different to what I was expecting perhaps, I'm not sure why. Maybe I was thinking along the lines of something more generic, I am ashamed to admit :slashnew:. I apologise, I should have known your views would be rather much more immensely interesting. I have noticed that while INTP's and religion don't mix or match, often there is a leaning towards spirituality. I guess it's quite an abstract, conceptual area, it captures our intuition, our minds.

    One of the great things about this forum is how we can cut the empty social behaviour, as someone, I think it was you, put it. It keeps bringing me back because I so rarely have interactions or conversations irl that really interest me, that capture my mind. Here that is just natural. What I would give to get more answers like yours to my questions, it just opens up my mind.
    Hello Phoenix,
    Being curious about your views on spirituality/god from reading some of the things you've said, I was looking through your previous posts. I laughed when I came across the one where you said you've been told you look like a renaissance painting, that's exactly what I thought when I saw your profile picture :D. Anyway, I'm too lazy to continue, may I ask for your views on aforementioned topics?
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