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Recent content by Phorlakh

  1. Phorlakh

    How far can science go?

    Honestly. It seems like the general populace has become increasingly resistant to...I don't know, thinking? People seem pretty keen on putting in their two cents, but rarely does their opinion reflect any kind of rational process. What scares me are people who poo-poo science because they...
  2. Phorlakh

    Delicious new meats

    My mind was in the gutter long before I took this job. It didn't help either that the CEO interviewed me and went on a long tangent concerning the ins and outs of animal masturbation. Not just cows, but dogs and sea mammals. That made for one hell of a mental image. I think the interview was...
  3. Phorlakh

    Delicious new meats

    I'd like to be a vegetarian again, but I don't quite have the time to plan a real diet. My delicate constitution doesn't permit me to just not eat meat. I might have been a bit misleading. I work for a lab that's run by a company specializing in animal reproduction. Mainly bovine. I spend...
  4. Phorlakh

    Delicious new meats

    I find introductions way awkward, so I'll just lay it all out. My name is Jess, I'm 23, I work for a laboratory in upstate NY. I graduated this year with a BS in genetics. I have ADD, so whatever practical benefit I could potentially derive from being an INTP is pretty much neutralized when I...
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