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  • unfortunately swedes are as stupid as everyone else on the planet, but the country on a whole pwns its main issues being that pot is illegal and heavily stigmatized and that its a small boring country.
    maybe the simple truth is that you need to be dugtrio except one of the dugs is buddha one is jesus and one is faggotstomper.

    Faggotstomper is a bigpoted cunt homophile, he is biased towards cisgenderism despite wishing to emerge from the ground straight into machamps anus. Such is the bigotry of YOU if you are truly the dugtrio that I think of. If not disregard all I've written, you are probs Pikachu and I am sorry for utilizing your figure to express my twisted supressed cognitive images.
    pikachu, you are the subject of a large percentage of my art, I dearly admire but if so if merely for your appearance on an aesthetic level. I drew you in many different forms, I only posted a few of them in my art thread. But srsly donät you thinks that my picture of you smoking dat canna-mary-bis-jane in da Nevada desert aint a somewhat accurate?

    I am drunk and I live in the capital of Sweden, thus it is that I must leave this apartment 4 a search 4 cigarettes by means of beggin them strangers of da street at risk 4 gettin da knifed. Srsly tho, my life fucken sux so plz don judge me 2 hard 4 make Pikachu deprevate art. Is only 4 accurate depict of depravity of life from general perspective. I wholly respect u as an individual as I would Bulbsaurus or Polygon or Dragonauter or Charizard -the infamous fire dragon- of doom.

    1. 2. 3: here we go: 30. 000x99%=insufficient yield=destuct and ultimate foreverness of disapoint; the truth of art is harsch but true.
    whatcha fug u be making dat confus/sad smiley for (none offense am dru nk as fug) u probs rock
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