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  • I do. It might not be it's max potency, because it's over a year old, but I certainly have some still. Never got around to taking it, but I figured it would be good to keep around for parasite cleansing.
    Heya, I noticed your link in "Dalyth's Article Thread" (which was pretty interesting, although I have heard about many of the methods described before). Did you post it there for a reason..?

    Either way, thanks for the read. ^^
    Thank you! And yes, my username does come from PJ the taxi driver from F-Zero GX... not exactly sure why I chose such a name, but I apparently did. At the time I may have recently beaten some incredibly difficult mission on that game I spent days on, and so that was like all I could think about for awhile from such a satisfying taste of success. The F-Zero universe seems like it'd be quite an exhilarating and experience... all the planets the tracks are built on are just too pristine and beautiful, and then the more metropolitan areas like Mute City and Port Town seem like the perfect places to party... one of the two at least I remember looking like a futuristic Las Vegas. F-Zero is definitely worthy of an MMORPG. Like GTA, but focused on winning races and thwarting the evil plans of Black Shadow/Deathborn and his minions, and having upgradable and customizable vehicles, and of course the ability to explore the planets you could only see from the limited view of the race tracks.
    For a generalised representation of our lower class check out the TV program Shameless, (Manchester). For a generalised representation of our slightly more upper lower class check out Coronation street, (Manchester) or Eastenders, (London) .

    To check out our middle class and upwards, just watch anything on the BBC,and don't forget the Queens speech for the finale. ;)

    Manchester is always stealing the thunder away from Birmingham. But Birmingham is being renovated as we speak XD
    All depends where you are, we are all different. Birmingham and Manchester are similar as large cities. We are industrious, rich in history, highly populated, multicultural, very urban.

    London in comparison, is like a multicultural county of its own, it even has a sovereign city of its own.. I don't have much experience of London, I've only been to a few locations, too many people down there for my liking.

    In between our large cities are all the country folk. They are a more typical representation of traditional Brit. They own cottages, and tend farms..even these people are presented with London accents on the TV.

    Our south have a more high pitched tone, our middle is more baritone and the northerners all use vocals similar to the Scots . A few of the key accents you might want to YouTube for lulz include: Liverpudlian, Newcastle, Birmingham, Yorkshire and Cockney.
    I'm not, not enjoying it.
    Don't really get what's cool about posting here to complain about posting here.

    The vast majority of your post did kick ass, indeed. Whether it was 100% factually accurate is not so relevant in my mind. The bit about mushrooms apparently is kind of iffy one way or another. I like the ones that get you high :D
    Sorry, I thought the Dunning Kruger effect worked the other way around. It wasn't my intention to say you were incompetent.
    I see you are a PKD fan and thought it interesting that you listed Confessions of a Crap Artist in a book thread. That was the first PKD I ever read when I was 13 or so and I enjoyed it without having any clue about what his usual themes were...and without knowing how attached I would become to those themes later on.

    Did you end up finishing The Exegesis...? I keep it next to my bed. I read 100 or so pages the first night I got it but it's not really a book to read unless you're in the right mood...almost halfway through now.
    There are two fire stations on this back road/makeshift highway between Auburn and Grass Valley that fit the description. I live off of there and will keep my eye out next time Im around. Do you have a pic of what to look for?
    Coolio. Nor Cal homies 4 life, hella tight!


    Found that article interesting. It wasn't too long ago and really close to where I live.


    This one mentions them being as far east as the Sierra Nevada Foothills which is Grass Valley/Nevada City/Foresthill etc.

    I personally haven't encountered any or heard from someone who has. If I had a range of pics to compare to I might be of more use. My dog (175 lb mastiff) ate a wild mushroom 2 weeks ago and had some visibly trippy dreams but was fine when she woke up. This rain probably generated some new growth so Ill be on the lookout but if they are around most likely on a trail or in the wilderness.
    I concur with your selections.

    I like my fluffy crust but the CPK style has grown on me and I quite like the variety that style offers.

    Dyin to try an authentic NY style pepperoni slice the size of your face dripping with grease. One day...

    Btw leftover cold Papa Murphys is my favorite meal of all time.
    You may or may not have posted this before, favorite type of pizza?
    Thank you for indulging my curiosity.
    Is your avatar Jesse Pinkman?
    If not ignore reference, nothing to see here folks
    Good day sir
    the only reason I knew was because I once drew his face in MS paint and then added a naked body and a bandana and two black boots for no real reason. I cant find that damn picture now though.
    you also have thomas the train as an avatar, probably the second best troll face after the original, win
    Pizzabeak you asked if I am a man. I don't want to mislead you. I just took a shower and checked to make sure. Yes.
    Pretty much everything I can think of!

    I think I'll start by transmogrifying you into a bird, and then use you as dressing on a pizza. :D
    Ah. Excellent, I see that distracted you adequately.

    Now Haunter! Use Hypnosis!


    That's right...Sleeeeeeeppp..

    *Stuffs you in a sack*

    Enough of your Loling!

    You belong to me now!

    *Throws a master ball at you*

    Heheh. I approve of this avatar. :D

    Guess that makes me red! I've been wearing red today, oddly enough.
    Haha, yeah.

    I'm glad someone recognises them. XD

    Though personally I find the Eevee's expression to be the cutest.
    Changed it just for you.

    Though I thought you would have liked my profile picture. ^_^
    Isn't Jaffar an Old Man and Nino a youngster? I remember Nino was one of the stronger mages. I don't understand how you can reconcile "daughter of" and "he" though. That image of him makes him look obnoxious, is he?

    No, Pent is (stat-wise)stronger than Erk. Erk is more on the defensive methinks.
    I can't quite remember that character. Based on the clothes, I'm assuming he's a shaman class. Is he your favorite character or something?

    I was particularly fond of the mage character "Erk" myself. Studious and stern, slightly relatable.
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