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  • u fink ur funny, bruv? avin' a turkish are we? fink ur a 'ard man?
    ill bash u rite in the gabber, u cheeky lil kunt!
    i swear on me nan
    We should attack Creeping Death, and show him how we deal with smarmy fuckers in Britain.. I mean literaturally ;)
    Now I want to be a replacement and pull a Jesus. IT WAS ALL A CONSPIRACY IT WAS NOT ME WHO DIED!
    Yeah well....in my more dedicated days I'd take my favorite panels from manga and color/modify them in photoshop. I even did one for cognisant once.

    Alas I didn't save any of them.
    I used that same image as an avvie for awhile.
    A description of Ni I read states they are not as fully capable of making a contribution as Ti users. What we know is implicit. For it to be brought out the relinquishment to words is explicit. Through Fe is how we learn the expectations of which we might be understood. Some claiming INFJ's explain allot more than I do. I am in a Ni-Ti loop. My focus is for finding people who to tell me insights I cannot generate but understand non the less. Information content and context can come from and inner or external reference. Reflecting on them is loosely associating as to my personal standards of objectivity. Not that I have goals the direction I go is not set pertain to if I am intelligent not measurable which is wisdom.

    This is simple, I would like to hear your more elaborate explanations :)
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