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Recent content by Praetorian

  1. The Random Thoughts Thread

    What is this thing called a tie? An appendage, a piece of fabric hanging down from my neck that is a universally accepted/demanded form of dress. I find it pretty damn cool, but......why? Obvious answer is exposure and acceptance of the dominant cultural norm of a tie as formal wear and the...
  2. INTP values?

    Elegance and clarity in speech and writing. That's about as much as I've been able to put together. After another 20 years, I might be able to think of something else.
  3. What do you think of young people?

    I used to view them with disdain. Later on, I realized it was a dislike based on a false sense of superiority and a lack of experience, so I discarded that hate. Over the last few years, I've just tried to understand them; and I have come to realize that just like humans in general, young people...
  4. What's your favorite aspect about yourself?

    The rigorous, constant, involuntary, and mind-numbing self-analysis I undertake to critique my every thought and action.
  5. The spontaneity paradox

    Spontaneity is unnatural to me; ignoring my thoughts and just going with the flow of a conversation is like grimly deciding to jump into the ocean without knowing how to swim hoping to be miraculously saved: " Well, I've gone and said/done it. Does the conversation live or die? Time to see what...
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