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  • Pyropyro
    Oh dear, but I do think there's a need for an explanation. Basically, the President has a narcissistic streak and is not cool with people criticizing his murdering spree. Because, you know, killing people without due process is not exactly good governance. The Catholic church, which has issues, is one of those institutions who helped kick his idol dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He's simply discrediting the church by mock
    ...ing their concept of God and calling out their issues. Another reason is that his admin needs a cover for his screwups with inflation, drugs and China. The Church has always been his goto smokescreen and whipping boy.
    Hey I didn’t get back to you I was busy, but your advice in pm was good ! Thank you :)
    Glad to be of help Higs! I hope your brother enjoyed his stay :)
    I only see bits and pieces from afar, what do you actually think of Duterte and what is your experience of his rule? Perhaps in comparison with previous people?
    Exactly, that's western hypermasculinity for ya. Killing the "feminine" traits just because it happens to be used mostly by women and overemphasizing masculine traits to the point of abuse. Now, if we have another grouping/placeholder for these traits then that would be great (those humanities people should have fixed this a long time ago). But for now, that's what we have.
    Well one can just say "he is cooperative and democratic and not so authoritarian" which is more precise and not dependent on vague symbolic groupings? What do gendered traits even really mean in this case if it's pretty consistently held by people of the opposing gender ? That's all I'm saying. If women wield 'masculine' traits and males wield 'feminine' traits, why are we even using those words ? Do u c wut I mean?
    Problem is that it wasnt consistent for the longest time. Its only a recent development (im pegging it at around wwii when women got more power globally due to the death of a lot of men). Give it a century or two and the symbolic groupings would melt away on their own.
    Yeah I had some yesterday, chillies seem to be an iconic thing around here. I have a 15 hour stopover in Manila on the 19th would you like to meet up and have a beer somewhere?
    <3 best OP ever! *still waiting for more eps*

    (p.s. but that specific vid doesn't work in mah country/USA ... :confused: )
    That's what it looks like, but I kinda doubt it. iirc krokodil's more likely to dissolve flesh near the injection site, and based on the background (tropical/tribal) it's probably not accessible there.

    I initially thought leprosy, but that doesn't fit either. Possibly just a really bad infection, flesh-eating bacteria or something.
    nice meeting you too. Do you speak tagalog? I was actually surprised to find a rarity in this forum that is a fellow Filipino, I once found a filipino thread but it s not that active. Ive read you work in a university so youre obviously older than me. How old are you po? it will be interesting to know you more. I thought I was the only Filipino in this forum when I started.
    Oh my goodness, either this is my first time looking at your profile, or you recently changed your picture, but that sloth is lovely.
    Taga pilipinas ka pala? Ive been seeing your replies in all sorts of threads and it's just today that I stumbled upon your profile. Hi �� Im also from Philippines, glad there are good people nearby.
    It's an experiment. I had somebody PM me recently who said he actually became enraged at my posts. Further, due to my avatar and dry delivery (and his intuition about these things) he informed me I was an INTJ. Not just him but I've picked up a number of critics recently.

    I think this speaks to the power of image, many think that in the modern world we've become immune to image, but I think they're even more powerful, from this experience. I'm betting that an innocuous avatar will make people read my posts in a different light.
    I was thinking along those lines for batman but i was curious. Definitely on the same wavelength
    Cool glad you liked it.

    And yeah I don't think the point is to try and become a sociopath, even though that seems to be what everyone in the comments section of the article was interested in. They probably just don't like the idea of being called losers :p
    only just noticed you put a link in that last message... it was from a while ago too, just to help back up your point about sloth's.
    The video was amusing too, i enjoyed that quite :)
    Tonight I am seeing the movie heaven is for real. How do you experience your faith and the bibles main themes?
    There seems loads of articles out there now but I question the validity. It all seems hollow and hysterical. I haven't even seen all the vids.

    Why is it you seem to relate so much to a sloth? Is it a personal thing, or an INTP thing to be sloth like? Or both or neither or something else entirely? aha

    Some people say that I'm like a sloth...
    "That's hideously expensive (almost half an average person's monthly salary here)"

    Dude! Yikes! Why do you still live in the Philippines?
    If somehow I could identify the parasitic birds then I could twist their necks and throw them into the air instead.

    Innards everywhere gore and splat. I could totally picture two birds fighting, each with one end of some intestinal tube in their mouth trying to snatch it from one another; whereupon, they start to spin uncontrollably, neither part of the pair willing to let go. Then they crash into the ground, mortally wounded from the impact. I would have to put them out of their misery of course and then... recursion! It would be fantastic.
    another ASEAN based INTP? I'm in thailand myself.

    Thanks for the link, I'm reading it now.
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