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I know I do not know much about a great many things. It's my understanding of the world that to pick a direction an move that way is always better than staying where you are.
MBTI Type:
Crazy by profession.


As for the search for truth,
I know from my own painful searching,
with its many blind alleys,
how hard it is to take a reliable step,
be it ever so small,
towards the understanding of that which is truly significant.

~Albert Einstein
The purpose of life is to eliminate suffering and to give unconditional positive feedback.
You can never completely eliminate suffering but giving unconditional positive feedback without a condition is only meant for true truth seekers.
Therefore, the purpose of life is to spread your message.

I have been enlightened by coming to grips with my shadow self and now I see.
That is not where the story ends. I have seen the light in my pursuit.
I speak the truth - to the heart of the matter.

"The difficulty of an impossible task is amplified infinitely by the ease to which it is not done, therefore, a task that is accomplished is difficult and a task that is never done is easy" Author unknown.


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