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  • Hail Quicktwist, zerk asked whether I would join the game.
    I posted in the thread already, falsely assuming that it was a discussion thread and only now realizing that it was not and the game is in full swing : l

    I assume that I must await a QT before participating?
    Am I correct in thinking that for 3 mafia and 10 townies the probability of winning as mafia is less than 95% and more than 50%? It would be 95% if there were no special roles.

    P= 3/sqrt(10) = 3/3.16 = 0.949
    I have no idea QT. I just wanted to fit in with the smoker players, and it was a result I liked from a duckduckgo search.
    tre bi rom say nếu không được chÆ°a trị kịp thá»i sẽ cá»±c kì nguy 356789108
    cách trị rôm sảy cho trẻ sÆ¡ sinh bằng các bÃ*i thuốc dân gian648158251
    Hahahha much happy, much wow.

    I must admit, I had no idea what you were talking about and then it hit me. I was sitting on the bus and burst out laughing.
    Don't tell anyone about my mind reading ability. Some INTP will tie me up and start experimenting on me.
    I don't read many books nowadays, sadly. I think the internet mucked with my focus, and I need to somehow redevelop it. (Not kidding either, I think this is one of the bad parts of the 'net -- feeds into too much multi-tasking and broad expansion without going deep, and also focuses on the video/visual thing, which can be more passive from the viewer/audience POV.) But it's a tussle to move away from the visual medium back into print.

    Well, if you want books, you just... see topics that look interesting, then search online on that topic and see what pops up. Amazon is always there to provide relevant titles, that you can then try to pick up used or go to your local bookstore. And there are tons of documentaries out there nowadays. You can join netflix and just watch doc after doc, then use that to springboard into other topics of interest.
    I didn't write it off. I read a lot about it for a few years, then lost interest myself. If you find it interesting, then please enjoy it. I was providing you with the insight that there are different ideas about Socionics, not just one, so you can't just refer to "Socionics" as a standardized entity, and maybe you need to figure out exactly what form of Socionics you think makes the most sense.

    Sorry, I don't really understand your other comment at all. Why do I need to be invested in typology to be learning? Life is life. I am living, thinking about, and experiencing life. I read and study anything I find interesting. Typology is just one subject among many. It's like saying, "Hey, if you not studying the human genome, then how on earth do you find new things to think about?" The answer is you... just... keep... learning... new... things?
    I don't really do much with socionics or typology anymore.

    But Socionics -- one of the huge problems is that it's not standardized. So when you just said "socionics" and "stuff in the theory"? I have no idea WTH you are trying to say there, because there is not just one theory of Socionics. Everyone has their own theory, there are competing theories.

    Some meld a bit with MBTI, other versions focus on shapes or three-letter code nomenclature, and even the ones that look like MBTI aren't really the same as MBTI.
    Yeah I totally understand your social style, at least how you're explaining it. In the past I imagined intpf like an office environment where socialization is business. irl it makes me non-communicative to friends and relatives. For intimate relationships, I have had a hard time approaching women when the only reason is that I'm interested in them.

    I have had some successes though by just forcing spontaneity and positioning myself near people I want to socialize with. Also becoming more confident but there isn't a direct solution for this. I've learned to just say what I truly feel and it's been working so far.

    I would also like to mention MDMA / ecstasy / molly. Of course it's illegal and can't be found easily but there are studies that show it helps with PTSD and lowering social guards, basically it blocks negative emotions and only allows the positive ones. Another thing you could bring up with your therapist.
    We seem to have a clash in musical preferences with the exception of SoaD and RATM, probably because of the age difference, I am 18 you are 29...
    It seems that older generations have this tendency to disparage their younger counterparts lol xd
    not that you are lol.
    I listened to them a few times between 14 and 16, then forgot all about them :'(
    Then you made me remember again :D
    I do not really have any favourite artists anymore, it is the occasional mix between AFI, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, random medieval fantasy music, rain, GZA - album liquid swords, Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Rucka Rucka Ali, RATM, and that song Chopsuey.
    I stopped listening to that screamo shit awhile ago, too depressing and monotonous, popular culture music went out the window, too.
    If you want more of the music, I'll tell you a secret: It was always Flying Lotus or his protege Teebs. ;)
    Assuming there really is something personal about you which causes others to intentionally or subconsciously make you the odd man out, pretty frankly it's either your appearance(clothes, body features, hygiene) or your social skills (friendliness, mental disorders). It isn't difficult to fix up your appearance but it would take a lot of honest work to resolve a lack of social skills and presence of disorders like autism/asperger's, depression. There is no shame in that if you were to be diagnosed as such though, and I recall you having a psychologist so you could bring these topics up with them.
    I was going to agree with others in that it's most likely to primarily be a perception issue, for whatever reason, how you're interpreting your environment is negative; CBT might be worth looking into in that case.

    Secondly your feelings may have been amplified by your time spent here, I recall several people in my time addressing a lack of responses to their posts or threads; after-all intpf is filled with introverts so you can't expect to have a lot of engagement, you might enjoy an open site like reddit.
    Hey Quicktwist. Thanks for the welcome. :) It's nice to be appreciated.

    I was actually preparing responses to your recent type me thread and the other one about being an outcast. If you want I can just give you the raw thoughts here.

    edit: I just saw the thread you mentioned, yeah I wanted to stay away at least for a year, and maybe see then how I felt about the forum. It's hard to completely forget a site you've been on for years though...
    Optimal design is important too, but it can't apply in every area. It's great to try to achieve it and usually the reality is meeting practicality and optimum halfway.

    I didn't want to reply in Absu's thread so I decided to post on your wall, it isn't that important and for the most part I'm saying obvious things, but since I could reply to your post I did, because why not.

    You mean it works since it's concrete, you mean concrete as something real or cement? It would make sense both ways here.
    I think your criticism sidesteps the limitations those people have to face on a daily basis in their respective environments. It is great to think of what would be ideal, but the question one should ask themselves is, would it? Is my understanding of the whole sufficient to make that call and say that something shouldn't be done this way?

    Human deficiency and shortage of bright minds in politics and budget sectors which directly influence civil engineering is something to consider as well.

    In the end I would say it's amazing that it works at all, given all the ways it can collapse and all its flaws. This approach and comparison to a living organism is called heuristic. Solutions that meet the goals and time requirements and don't attempt to be perfect or ideal and frankly, perfection is a dangerous fallacy any engineer in their right mind will avoid.
    Singular projects don't share creators, so it's natural that their visions are conflicted. It's a big problem but who could tell what was the idea behind certain roads and buildings long after their originators have passed. It's up for the current generations to incorporate those elements into their own systems and plans and those efforts will again be cut short after they leave their job or pass away, leaving even more chaotic arrangement to manage for their successors.

    The level of complexity of cities and urban systems of this kind is comparable to living organisms. It's not so simple to erase one organ without killing the patient, the safest and most short-term solutions are preferred due to yearly budget planning, 4 yearly election cycle, 8-40 yearly pattern of professional occupation of the planners themselves and so on.
    That would be the hope, yes. Problem is that much of this kind of stuff is left up to civil engineers and lord knows they are hit or miss.
    Today's specialists aren't tomorrow's experts. I think the new developments and discoveries in the relevant fields will shift the design paradigms into more multidisciplinary approaches in the future. It's already happening to a limited degree, every architect seems to intuitively know that big, wide windows allow more light in and as a result make the insides less depressing to live in. Some psychology and common sense does find its way into planning but it's far from thorough.
    It seems interesting, and it's a topic I've had a lot of good discussions about with friends in the past. Unfortunately I don't have time right now to read through the whole thing, but at a glance it looks like the level of discussion is pretty stimulating.

    Flattered you asked.
    I'm a little jaded about this because I have a cousin who is a high school drop out and poor who gave birth at 20, and her life is really awful. Mind you, abortion was not on the table for her due to her beliefs, but there was a point when she broke down when her son was older and wanted to give him up for adoption.

    The point is that I'm intimately familiar with how terrible having a baby at a really bad time in your life is and people who stubbornly maintain things are just magically going to be okay for the mother, father and baby are naive or just self indulgent asshats on a high horse.
    What about the post bothered you? I was making a point that you can't just give birth to a baby, toss it aside and then naively hope it's going to turn out okay, because children require significant investments over a long period of time, and this is what pro lifers suggest. Just give birth to it because every fetus deserves a fighting chance. For a baby to even have a fighting chance at life, somebody would have to invest 15 years of care, at a bare minimum.

    If pro-lifers condemn parents to be for not being willing to take on this responsibility but they are not willing to take it either, aren't they hypocrites and not that concerned with the children after all?

    If they wouldn't be willing to take that kind of responsibility even in theory they're just spewing potentially malignant self gratifying moralizing that can destroy people's lives.
    it has been purposely created to act as an inferior copy of redbarons awesome avatar in order to dilute the awesomeness of it, but then other ppl started copying it and it became a short lived meme so the plan failed
    Certainly, I'd love to read and contribute to it. I'm about to eat dinner at the moment though, so I'll return in a bit and go over it.
    Ah, thanks. I was looking for that thread and couldn't find it. I'm sure that I'll enjoy reading the thread and seeing what others have to say. You can probably expect to see responses from me in that thread sometime this week. :)
    I had two possibilities in mind when I asked knowledgeable? AK was an acronym or the word knowledgeable you used in your window thread. I did not guess that the acronym stood for something different than Animekitty. You can see both letters in my name and sinny does that two. Usually people use the prefix name or acronym in chatbox because of space limits. You need to say more with less. Also phoneme pronunciations can use different letters for words like you are uuu or yew. That is a huge system to grasp. Like where I said my verbal IQ is 132 it is because I read hidden meaning into everything. Its really fun and creative.


    I asked knowledgeable? instead of asking acronym? because I thought that would lead to more options to explore.

    I saw the video of where your elephant image came from. Elephants really are like human beings.
    Thanks for the feedback regarding the Achilles Heel thread. I do think the commentary on idiosyncrasies that Ti/Ne bring the forum are largely true.
    I don't know much about you, but I noticed you tend to fall into self depreciation...it makes me wonder how many times you've been told you're "simple" or "ignorant" before you started believing it yourself.
    Please don't be harsh on yourself :( "intelligence" is a vacant word anyway
    That's all
    Have a nice day :)
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