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  • "like" :) what's your goal, financial? I want to transition into a career. No scratch that, I hate careers. Moneymaking. Someone told me to start with Java, I dont know a thing, the words database and project are Greek to me
    Ah ok took it the wrong way.

    Maybe they're scared of getting sued if I become a junkie addict. And you're in America right? Maybe they're more liberal over there than here - Australia is sickeningly regulated. But whichever way, I did take offence to the doc's attitude so thanks for your comment. If a doctor doesn't do what I ask then they're insulting my intelligence and responsibility.

    Actually all I want is simply Benadryl (diphenhydramine) which I bought when I was in New York mistakenly thinking they were headache pills. Of course, Benadryl with diphenhydramine is only sold as a prescription here thanks to Australia's stupid regulations.
    I have a special place in my heart for misfits and the mentally ill. They were often my friends as a teenager. Such people fascinate me and the conversations tend to be very interesting.
    I used to be fascinated by all that left-wing/postmodernist theory, psychoanalysis, etc. but I lost interest. However I still do appreciate Zizek for his comedic value and the occasional insight I'm able to glean from his chaotic presentation.

    This Blanco fellow looks rather interesting though.
    Yes def... what I mean though is some sort of Fe incorporation plan. My uncle actually told me off this morning for not giving a decent response when he asks me how Im going. Part of me feels bad (Fe?) but another feels relieved that I have less to live up to

    See my strategy previously was to be "more normal than the normals" and I need to kill off the bad karma (expectations etc) that created. Eg kinda bizarrely everyone at work thinks I'm a loud extrovert, and laughed when I told them Im the quiet type
    Thinking in polarities...and discovering the gray in between...that's me to a tee. I'm really enjoying your writing.
    An INTP female who is into Architecture? Where have you been hiding for all eternity?
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