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    Got hours of entertainment from this while sick and stuck in bed last week. The mod is the guy behind InternetSchoolofMagic.com who has some interesting projects going on. :D https://www.reddit.com/r/sorceryofthespectacle/
  2. r4ch3l

    Nick Land -- "The Blockchain Solves the Problem of Spacetime"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PMGuNZreWA Still processing this, interested in INTP thoughts on it. Land taught a course on Bitcoin & Philosophy last year.
  3. r4ch3l

    Book club

    The Net! I love that documentary... I think I meant to post it here sometime back but haven't been active lately and forgot. I'm really interested in the crossover between the Esalen crowd in the 70s who split off into either the technocrati legend types (Stewart brand and that whole crew) or...
  4. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    I am 75% done with Lanark by Alasdair Gray and think many on this forum would get something from it. Main character is likely an INFx. Definitely a new favorite, and I found it under strange circumstances...like I was supposed to read it... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/161037.Lanark
  5. r4ch3l

    Abstinence from audio-visual stimulus and various garbage stimli

    I've been very intensely doing online courses over the last 3+ months and an unexpected side-effect is that I feel REALLY dumb lately. Because the online courses involve a lot of just getting to the next screen and passing the next quiz/assignment I complete them compulsively yet distractedly...
  6. r4ch3l

    Also have you seen the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera? I'm currently on...

    Also have you seen the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera? I'm currently on the third of the five courses (AngularJS) and it's alright so far... I'm refining front-end/JS skills because I have more experience with web development but think I want to change directions. Like I...
  7. r4ch3l

    Hello puffy, Love the background image on your page and yes, the Alhambra is a definite...

    Hello puffy, Love the background image on your page and yes, the Alhambra is a definite must-see-in-one's-life sort of place. The whole country is fantastic but I wish I had had more time to spend in Granada while I was there. Do you have a special interest in Islamic Spain or the architecture...
  8. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Edit: Goddammit INTPf formatting. So yeah, he won again.
  9. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Arthur Chu used a similar strategy first. I didn't watch Chu and this was the first time I'd seen someone play Jeopardy like that so this Alex guy caught my attention. He's also amusing to watch because he seems so calm and almost dizzy or spaced out but is actually very aware and focused...
  10. r4ch3l

    Can't decide on the right path...advice?

    It depends on where you want to go with it... my dad started off as a hardware guy in the 80s and switched over to writing software in the 90s. Now he writes code for device drivers, SDKs for hardware, embedded Linux, etc.. When he tried to hire CS grad students he was always so disappointed...
  11. r4ch3l

    Uber-xNTJ pwning Jeopady

    Have any of you guys seen this dude? I was laid up on the couch recovering from a root canal last night and caught some Jeopardy TOC. This guy was killing it and his strategy and awkward/hyperintelligent/probable sociopath demeanor (:herzen02:) intrigued me so I googled him. He used to be a...
  12. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Needed some mental candy/relief... saw a novel by Kem Nunn at Kinko's that looked interesting (had never heard of him and wondered about how he got that distribution deal) so I googled and ordered what the internet decided is his best novel: "Tapping the Source". Great plotting of a story and...
  13. r4ch3l

    What are you all reading?

    Reminded me of you all, especially THD's Theory of Everything thread with the torus graphics. :D I expected to just be entertained by a portrait of a dude who reminds me of myself (I get off on crackpot science just because exploring without self-conscious rigidity is FUN even if I usually...
  14. r4ch3l

    Should INTPs have jobs?

    Had my first "real" "office" job (so not freelance doing similar work) this year and the most difficult part for me by far was dealing with the social situations, communication (or lack thereof) about work, the politics, everyone flaunting their workaholism like a badge of honor while all the...
  15. r4ch3l

    Last movie you watched

    Trainwreck. I never watch movies in theatres. It was actually really good.
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