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  • 'Master of Germany'
    Ragnar I never had you down as the S&M type.
    The more you know, eh?
    Nah, I detest cruelty, it's emotional. The reference is to Paul Celan's Todesfuge.


    As a legitimist I abhor Nazis as well, but also find their enemies often as appalling...
    Thanks a lot for keeping this place running, it feels like home to me in a way now.
    Omg omg the forum creator *hyperventilates*can you sign my wall if ever you come back?
    Hehe... and you shall bring me your firstborn swaddled in silk and shod in the softest leather - the belly of the beast Melkor ought yield the finest skin for such a purpose....

    Tanned the softest heather-mist thank you, and sequin-spangled....
    Oh, also Ragnar, if I ever marry an Admin, it would definately be you.

    And no, this post isn't just to make Lor jealous.


    Can you make sure Lor sees this?
    Like Melkor, I just want to convey a bit of gratitude. Thank you for creating and looking after the forum.
    I only open the email client once a week... Rather more lazily I didn't open it for two months earlier this year: as a tip, 3000 emails take around 1.5 hours to download.

    Still, I had no idea the place was down. As I told Jesin earlier: if I don't stay awake the world ceases to exists. Which means that really I must try and stay awake forever...
    Nevermind the email panic. Obviously the forum is back. :D

    ah... look at that. My beloved Melkor, thoughtful as always.

    (Just be sure you don't turn your back on him, Ragnar. ;)
    No-one has left you a visitor message?

    Thats pretty damn ungrateful of them..

    Oh well..

    Thank you sir, for everything you do.:P
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