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  • I was at the airport the otherday and totally saw someone that looked just as hideous as your avatar! She looked as if she had been made in a lab or something.
    Hello proud Portuguese woman who is 18 years of age. Are you comfortable with showing so much information?
    Puppy eyes and pouty lips?



    I do not wish to be voted most androgynously cute forumer:<

    *Besides, you're waaaayyyy cuter:)*

    (Hey, we should totally have a poll, who is the most androgynously cute forum member! Hahahah, I bet Ashitaria would win hands down, if he wasn't banned:D)

    You're so cute but Ran.

    I think a few other members took you seriously, you certainley seemed serious.

    But I know you, you're frequently highly offensive in jest.

    But thanks anyway:P

    P-puppy eyes?


    "No-one wants to see your ugly fucking face, so don't post a video, and please the whole world"


    Oh that made me laugh so much.

    You're awesome Ran;D

    I hope you aren't thinking thats the best way to get me to post one:P
    I sincerely hope dumps and pissing and stuff are universal forms of comedy. Regardless, I am none deterred from pretending that they are.

    De turd.
    If Europe goes bankrupt, I might buy Portugal as a fixer-upper. Depends on the number of bathrooms.
    i do what i can ;), but yeah i recognized it b/c i fell in love w/ the show. I was watching it the moment the english subs came out for each episode

    <--- total nerdgasm
    So I'd just like to officially state that you're the forums hero for the day.

    Also welcome back. :p
    Happy birthday! You now have the United States stamp of legality - congrats

    P.S. - you should come back
    *dances naked around a large bonfire while chanting madly, to summon Ran*

    Yea, sounds like a good idea to me. And I was wondering, what's the significance of the strawberry girl? Something to do with purity?
    I don't know whether it's jealousy or people simply not getting it ... I suffered from the same - still do in a way. I could have done with an INTP forum when I was a teenager or young adult!
    you're an awesome talent!! I love your photos and your singing ... my heart is happy you're in the world. Your new avatar is just amazing.
    Need to attach-tach-tach something to an e-mail for you. Care to share?
    Your avatar reminded me of this. I found it on some German website archive a few weeks ago. I feel strange enough to post it.
    Congratulations! Of course, to process your winnings, I will need your credit card details and a small deposit of $500.
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