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  • I've decided to postpone my cultish plans and will instead join your cult, right back. Yo da bOss. What do I believe now?
    Yo RB

    Remember just before I left this morning I had that great idea? I changed my mind it's an ugly idea and I don't like it at all. I don't have discord on uni comps hence the forum hookup.
    you losing many social points being that fake dominative. the dislike is growing stronger. more and more forum members start thinking they dont want you as a mod. :-( be less emotive. be HADO.
    Do you know that making your firm standings can very likely and very soon put you down?
    That's fine, and again I don't mean it as an expression of grievance between us. I just felt uncomfortable reading a moderator taking that tone, and figured it was more respectful to raise it with you than someone else.
    I'm sensitive to what you're saying, and I'm glad the thread gives the message that the community doesn't find the OP acceptable.

    My point is it shouldn't be a choice of either / or being made to leave, it's a question of how a discussion is facilitated. Your posts didn't indicate to me you were trying to discuss, some of them were written with the sole intention of provocation, beratement, and probably contributed to the early closing of the thread.

    If constructive discussion is the goal then bringing aggression to it doesn't help. All it does is intimidate and put someone on the defensive (entrenched and more close-minded). It's telling he accepted what hado had to say after he made an attempt to understand him.
    I agree the OP in that thread is problematic and I'm glad people raised concerns to signal why it's not okay - I considered it myself but saw enough people were posting.

    QT is clearly sensitive, suffers with low self-esteem, and was hurting from a public shaming of his ideas. The way you hounded him border-lined on bullying and it's a bit disappointing from a moderator. I wouldn't be surprised if QT left the forum over experiences like that.

    Please don't take this as personal as I was happy to see you madmin'd and think it will be good for the forum. I just know you could've more intelligently deconstructed that and set an example, and don't see how the vitriol helps the situation. It just ends up making one person feel more shit than is necessary.

    Fuck. Must have split up the words or something silly when I searched. I feel silly, but also welcum. Thanks.
    Hey, I remember there being a thread about youtube channels, where you posted about Grade A, but I can't remember what it was called. Any hints?
    I cri everytyme. 1 like = 1 restectp. Ignore if u r a heartles.

    But srsly tho. It is ok if u cant awlk so long as yoiu have the squat bum that bends time, space, and the palm of your fellow man around it. #swollen #alsored #parabuffwonderkid
    You seem threatened by me for, I'm not sure whether to say "whatever reason" or "pretty much no fucking reason." Chill.
    complained to mods about your avatar as it offends my sensibilities. that i should log in to the internet and be confronted with this is outrageous. what if i was depressed and susceptible to the influence of this puppy, what then?

    suggested changing it to this instead. :):):)

    "used to think Inquisitor was a real moron but I understand now. He hasn't rubbed one out for more than 10 years. Sheesh, no wonder he's so grumpy all the time!"

    If you don't use it, you lose it.
    I forgets to tell u I is big ket, BIG trouble 4 u

    (why the hell has that never happened to me..)
    Your comment on homeopathy... Do you mean actual homeopathy, or naturopathy? Because I was under the impression that the theory/practice of homeopathy was inherently flawed.
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