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  1. redbaron

    Are we living in a simulation?

    and what a simulation it is, to be sure!
  2. redbaron

    Atheism [thread split Does communism suck ?]

    the word 'just' is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence
  3. redbaron

    40 k lore

  4. redbaron

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    list of things one or more of my cats enjoy: - sleeping on my arm - chasing feathers attached to strings - scratching the couch - sliding along the floor under the couch - sleeping on my lap - sitting in the same sunny spot every afternoon - sleeping on my chest - sliding along floor mats -...
  5. redbaron

    final straw

    i'm just gonna go back to this point: "the most minor of grievances with online discourse apparently being so life-shattering that you must spend hours per day for successive days hyper-fixating on them. just do something else and chill the fuck out"
  6. redbaron

    final straw

    my preference is that people actually just get on the same page, but i don't see how when you insist on just distorting both reality and the things that i'm saying. even after all this, you're still hammering on the exact same things that have been the same answers for months and expecting that...
  7. redbaron

    final straw

    i stated that i can see user activity as a mod. that's not denying that it's dropped, it means i'm aware of which users are or aren't making posts. it happens any time there's drama on the forum: people take a break. the way you conflate these two separate statements, and the way you regularly...
  8. redbaron

    final straw

    post activity dropping is to be expected post-drama i mean the thing that's hard to take seriously about all this is that no one actually messages any of the mods to say, "hey can we talk about this issue on the forum?" it's just a big public outrage all at once, with like a dozen...
  9. redbaron

    final straw

    fwiw, i don't agree that "it's funny coming from you" is a good response from a mod but strictly speaking, it is pretty funny coming from serac. wouldn't put it in a report, but as a user having seen serac's post history it does mystify me
  10. redbaron

    final straw

    all but one of you are still here, and kormak can come back and post if he wants. though it does look like 1 of these 4 people have indeed left. who are the other people alienated into inactivity?
  11. redbaron

    final straw

    which 4 users were bullied into leaving?
  12. redbaron

    final straw

    Having looked at ghost's spam, then the report, then the exchange that took place: - he was warned - he stopped after he got warned and won't be back if he does spam again - there's nothing all that coherent in his ramblings to say that he's making some ideological argument for killing people...
  13. redbaron


    i tried modafinil for a few days didn't do enough for me to justify using it further
  14. redbaron


    covid-19 technically a better name, have renamed other thread and will close this one for idk, tidiness i guess.
  15. redbaron

    LGBTQ+ Sensitivity, Control, Identity

    because that kind of perspective/mentality is the kind that makes lgbtq probably not want to interact with you in their communities in the first place you find them interesting because they're "uncommon", and think therefore they should feel like interacting with you? what if they just don't...
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