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  • Gundam are objectively awesome.

    The only thing better than giant samurai robots fighting each other is giant samurai robots fighting each other in space, and y'know the human drama, but more importantly fricken giant samurai robots fighting each other in fricken space!

    I even have Gundam condoms from my last trip to Japan, not to use of course, oh no I posses them purely for the novelty of being able to say I have them :D
    i used to be happy all boxed up in my room there surrounded by hardware... now i feel bored of it... like i wanna see people. back then i hated seeing people... its just radical... oh im more emotional now too, when back then im like ice. like a robot, now i feel alive!

    You betray the robot cause!?!
    you dont look like a leprechaun do you...


    so whatcha then? american?... european huh... for some reason almost everyone that talks to me is like so far away!

    you like art, so... you like music or dancing?
    hrmmm, wow I never considered it to have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, although I can see the connection. It was just something on Deviant Art I saw one day and thought it looked really good, so maybe it does, or maybe it doesn't...mysteries mysteries.

    and oh no I am not actually Irish, I get that question often, makes me feel like a liar lol. I just like Irish people and things, especially the way Ireland itself looks. But nope, not Irish...though my grandpa is pretty Irish so I do have some of the stuff in my blood, but not enough I'd say ^^;
    ehhhh, I don't think I could handle that much punk in my system haha. Although looking at my avatar now, it is kind of like every impulsive thought I've ever had just mixed into one (and I personally think hooka's are gross, but the smoke around him looks way too cool)
    Oh wow, probably a little random, but I have to tell you that, for me at least Your avatar matches your personality EXTREMELY well

    Not trying to insult or imply anything, simply an observation, but I do thing it is pretty neat that you chose that avatar, and of it of course matches your name as well lol
    Oh you need to write on my board, otherwise I don't see it, anyway he's Relius Clover, basically a guy who uses people's souls to make robots, totally amoral, driven by curiosity, A-grade fucking madman.

    I find him relatable.
    Oh my GOD youre the first to send me a message!!!!!

    I actually wrestled my ex out of anger, he lost though... i used to be varsity judo. it was a decent workout though...

    hey whos that guy in your avatar?
    Does rough work?

    Assuming you're not too big yourself a big (as in frame, not weight) guy will usually be happy to do pick-you-up sex and up-against-a-wall sex, and I've found a little squeezing and wrestling goes a long way, especially wrestle/tickle sex that's great fun :D

    Tickle a guy and he'll wrestle you down.
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