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  • I want to be SHIT STORM MASTER and send them on you. Like now. Like their never stop.
    <Dreaded silence> Yes my mind is gross (?) <Now is a moment that I ask you about something>Did you get hit by diarrhera in public place, ever? You are the second person asking me about the avatar. It's a little awkward. One day I should introduce myself to this forum. Fuck I don't want to. I hate this. There should be a bot here to serve the anxious people in such cases.
    I did Nazi this coming, but I don't think your avatars are Hitlerious, Anne frankly they are right out of mein kampfort zone.
    I wish you were right - life would probably be a great deal easier if my preferences were in fact TeNi.

    I had noticed a decline in activity.But if you look at the history at the bottom of the main forum index, you can see this is nothing new. Active users have been steadily declining for the last 4 years. But if that's how everyone likes it, that's fine by me right now.
    Hello again to you, too. I returned for a little lurking and to find out what had become of the place, where I discovered questions regarding over my mortality and thought I'd prove I indeed still lived. Certainly won't be nearly as active as last time, but the odd post here and there won't hurt anyone too much. I've been meaning to drop a post in for weeks and just never got around to it - life is busy of late.
    True. Culture, age, experiences etc are important, but I imagine it wouldn't be the worst pairing.
    I always appreciated your nonconformist perspective and some of the atmospheric music you shared, I used to wonder if we were of similar type/functions sometimes.
    Sssh! If you say my secret out loud, it stops being a secret. Besides, shes supposed to be Cinderella, not Snow White.
    I keep looking at your avatar and assuming that you're Serenesam because of the creepy-hair girl. I'll get over it. I know your last one had a gothy girl too, so I should be able to make the transition, but I'm a little slow in the head lately.
    I'm a fan as well. Though, snakes in top hats are a close second in my book.
    I don't know. I have no consistency whatsoever, which is kinda important for Anatomy and such. ;-;
    But this lack of skill means my stuff looks pretty unique. Mwahahah.

    I'll try drawing that later. It will be glorious. :D
    Yeah I suppose he does look quite turtleish. :o
    I'm glad you like it. I've been drawing a lot lately, it's hard with a brain this hyper and disorganised to draw any one thing enough to get good at it. XD

    But some things you just HAVE to draw!
    Well that's just beautiful.
    Maybe I will keep you after all. Like a living vanity table that I can consult on a whim and dismiss by a thread. :D

    Nice staircase.
    I feel that it should be paired with a thematically different set of stairs.
    You know, having played far too many games where one must choose between two allegorically charged flights of stairs of varying appeal.
    So it's not Alma, just some unnamed Creepster?
    Yes, Alma is a very nice. Name. ^-^

    Gripping as in it latches on to new hosts, or gripping in a dramatic/sexual way?:D
    Have you had a Crimbo Samara before? It seems kinda familiar.
    Or is it Alma?
    Or am I slowly dripping my sanity away?

    Eh who cares...

    (Hahahahah, drippingggg)
    I might not be Ni but may i ask what it is?

    my addiction to the internet makes me doubt if N is introverted but i don't identify with people typed ENxP at all. My imagination capabilities seem to have stammered (i lost what is the agenda of Ni) with no super objective. it is because i don't know what to do with my level of intelligence and being isolated.
    Do you mean my signature? Fire draws people and one's passion is a fire within, no? But I kinda like your take of burning someone with my own soul. Yeah, I'll take that:)
    (Like your new avatar)
    Give me Socra Maat's drugs as a reward. He doesn't need them. In fact, Socra Maat is my alt account, they are my drugs. Actually, in fact I'm your alt account, so I have them *smokedrugs
    "sounds unique. just enough harmonic intrigue to reel in the players, just the right dissonance to condition out new harmonies."

    That's beautiful.

    Do you do other writting about music?
    Thought you might find this thread useful, as a fan of Jung:
    Analytical Psychology: Its Theory and Practice (excerpts)
    You can avoid having temporary flaws in your knowledge if you're willing to accept having temporary holes in it. Learn one 'chunk' at a time, but learn each chunk perfectly, and you will no longer be tormented by the urge to learn.

    Regarding the storage, great! Parents can be so helpful! Being her back a Talibani head to mount over the fireplace as a way of saying "Thanks". :D

    You're only human, Reluctantly. We can't think and research forever; yet I understand that big topics can seem oh-so-delicious. Try thinking of the topics that you think about as subjects in school. Show up 'in class,' learn, and then, after a set time, stop and move on to the rest of your day. Is this mode less free-form than, "OH LOOK KNOWLEDGE OMNOMNOMNOM!"? Yes, but it's also healthier and safer.

    As for the Army, why not ask your parents to keep your things while you're on duty?

    Are you bothered by thinking itself, or thinking of specific things? If the former, do you feel as though you can't 'safely' let your intuition, emotion, or sensation go through your mind-- as though you must analyze to keep yourself 'safe'? If the latter, do you feel as though the thoughts haunt you, as if they are inescapable? You might be in a state wherein some anxiety, either conscious or unconscious, is keeping you in a state of stress (stress is the body and mind's reaction to anxiety) which in turn triggers stress about being stressed... ad infinitum. In order to escape the cycle, you must face the problem that is haranguing your unconscious.

    To detect it, force yourself to stop analyzing and wait for the anxiety-causing thoughts to come. Overcome them and you ought to be free. Of course, if the stress is the result of some external, known problem, then you have to will yourself to relax.

    Also, why are you selling your things? :confused:

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