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    I'm Still Alive ^_^ and I Have a Question for Y'all

    I dunno. INFJs are kind of nuts anyway. INFJs don't really like hanging out with equals, they like hanging out with people they can emotionally manipulate. SPs can be cool. A lot of them seem to have no direction to their life though. They're good to party with though!
  2. Reverse Transcriptase

    Personality Trouble

    So, hacker news had a really discussion on this article: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5343590 Especially: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5345909 Whatever type this guy is-- he's not very well developed. He's been cushioned by academia and hasn't had to develop other...
  3. Reverse Transcriptase

    INTP worst fear: Dancing.

    Hah! me too.
  4. Reverse Transcriptase

    Confession of a lost INTP

    I just refreshed my page and lost the ramble. That's probably for the better. My 3 points were: Natural abilities are bullshit, everything is gained through practice. See the article on 10k hours to master something. The first handful of times you practice something it is going to suck...
  5. Reverse Transcriptase

    I want to be the Lead Developer

    Hey INTPs. I'm excited about this thing but I don't want to share it with friends/family yet, because it's so speculative. I just learned that there is a possibility that I could get the Lead Developer position at the 15-person web design & development firm I work at. I'm super excited...
  6. Reverse Transcriptase


    So um... I have knowledge on the subject. I dated Ashenstar for awhile (we met here! How cute!) but we broke up in Jan/Feb 2010 and that was what prompted her to leave. :-( I'm sorry, I wish that breaking up hadn't caused her to stop posting. There is a very small possibility that she's...
  7. Reverse Transcriptase

    INTPFORUM down since 25th november

    Yeah, I *almost* made an "INTPforum survivors" thread on INTPcentral. But that felt wrong. And it felt wrong to remind INTPcentral that we exist because, as aforementioned, INTPc sucks. We should really figure out a rally point though. I was IMing with firehazard during the outage and he...
  8. Reverse Transcriptase

    What should you be doing right now?

    Building my personal website. Investigating a bug that has me totally stumped for an android app that is currently on the market. Editing & sending an email to the advisor for the computer science masters program at the UW.
  9. Reverse Transcriptase

    Freelance INTPs?

    I'm a software developer and an INTP... and I actually prefer to work in the office. I'm at a small company-- we're 12 people. Communication is one of the important qualities in a programmer, and being in the office really helps clarify what people are doing, what the requirements & design...
  10. Reverse Transcriptase

    What happens when you try to flatter an Intp?

    If I am not expecting the compliment, or I'm surprised by it, or I don't believe it then I'll examine the compliment-giver quizzically. Try to examine motives, or study my own actions to see if they really were worthy of the compliment. Also watch out for sarcasm. If I agree with the...
  11. Reverse Transcriptase

    Homework FAQ

    My answer is: "almost yes!" There's a few key differences. Neural networks are artificially hosted, so the selection constraints and mutation rates are whatever we want them to be. Whereas, anything living doesn't have the luxury of being hosted in memory. Extinction is a real possibility...
  12. Reverse Transcriptase

    Americans Win Nobel Prize for Economics

    Yup, that's it. Politicians ignore economists... and even economists will dabble in politics too, unfortunately. My father is on the Governor of [state-removed]'s board of economic advisers. The governor met with that group once, and other than that the board just meets with lackeys. For the...
  13. Reverse Transcriptase

    Americans Win Nobel Prize for Economics

    Wow. All of you have no understanding of the Nobel prizes. We're INTPs, have some fucking curiosity and read the wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Memorial_Prize_in_Economic_Sciences Americans won the prize, but the USA did not win the prize. It went to individuals. The prize is...
  14. Reverse Transcriptase

    The edge of insanity... I may just jump in...

    So! Being good at writing & English (analyzing literature) is awesome. But an English degree isn't super useful in the real world. Toughing through astrophysics would be really good for you, and would build character. A lot of people can kind of skate through college on their raw brains, in...
  15. Reverse Transcriptase

    Random thoughts on academia from a non-math INTP

    I'm curious about which math class too. I only did okay in Calculus (I think that's highly dependent on your teacher) but I wish I had taken discrete algebra. As for other classes... I dunno. I feel like a lot of academics only teach you things to memorize or analyze, rather than teaching...
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