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  • Yo, you are from South Africa, right? What' s the deal with Die Antwoord? Do you know anything? Did they really adopt kids as fashion statements and the rest nasty stories? I saw some video where they attacked and tried to frame gay guy for sexual assault in Australia (2012)How they are recived by ppl in your country?What are your thoughts?
    lol tbh I listen to their music and thats it. everything you are telling me is new, im usually not that interested in the lives of strangers. But seeing as you are asking me, I'll do some digging online and give you a local perspective when I get the chance
    sure and thanks. I just found it today myself and became curioooousssss.
    are u a poet
    No no no, but im starting to write again... well, lets see what that entails. End tales. Fuck... are u a poet then?
    Send me a song title and a book title rooxlad

    wanted to embed another die antwoord thing seeing as u liked the last one but links are screwed up :( have to wait for new forum. (though the title of the track is "Tik tik tik" if u can be bothered to type it.)
    Your circus-y things and such make me think of the album Evelyn Evelyn, by Evelyn Evelyn. Might be worth checking out :)
    Cool, I figure it won't keep me interested for long either. I'm preparing a longer skype cthulhu rp right now, I might get on with it next month after I'm done moving stuff. Have fun, my biggest obstacle to rp as a gm is always the consistency of meetings and everyone's commitment, including my own. I'm looking at mafia to learn how the short closed formats can be made more fun and replayable.
    Will have to check the thread, but yes I could use a replacement (depending if Bronto has posted or not since I last saw the thread). I'll get back to you at EOD. which is in like a half hour.
    What scenes? XD
    No I haven't. a quick Google search is yielding interesting results. ..looks interesting...im going to sleep now, I'll look into it later
    trị rôm sảy cho bé nhanh chóng qua các bÃ*i thuốc cổ truyá»n910047260
    It does have a strange attraction, similar to how the moon always encourages the waves of the sea to return to shore.

    Pray tell me, have you come across these miracle berries in SA before? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synsepalum_dulcificum
    I know it says West Africa but just wandering if you've had any?
    They alter your tastes buds to change sour flavours sweet.

    As for bizarre? How does tinned mackerel mixed with mango sound? I'm basically foraging for food for a few days as I ran out of money. I've a paid job and a place to sleep but am probably going hungrier than the homeless. One more day until payday though!

    What was the most unexpected thing about Indonesia?
    hey, welcome.

    I hope at least the time you spent away was useful or productive in some ways. :)
    best wishes. you were actually one of the funniest/wittiest people on the site, but yeah things have changed a lot, and i've cut back my time here as well...
    Lol, my life story.. and the UK have reasonably tropical weather at the moment too... well about as tropical as we're ever gonna get haha. I can't wait for the day they invent caffeine and nicotine which isn't stain or wrinkle worthy D:
    Indeed! I'm sure the demand for sophisticated, complex trolling will only increase with time, as algorithms get more and more accurate about eliminating spam. :D
    LOL at your recent exhaustion with ridiculousness. :p I'm thinking of that cheerleading thread mainly.
    I'm sorry to read of your plight. Orange juice, water, and a couple more hours of sleep usually do the trick for me.
    mostly what you said was rational but because the other people in that thread i felt like i wasn't getting my points across. the mystical part was just my attempt to understand if things could be different such as how fractal emerge from z=z^2+c - if the big bang folded onto itself it would create interference patterns. now i see how life was chemical but in the big bang interference patterns could create something i think?
    drunken vm-ing? :twisteddevil:

    oh no :'(((( have you got someone to look after him? (ship him to me : D)

    6 months is ages, you'll really have to suck up to him when you return
    :beatyoukitty: :storks::beatyoukitty:
    LOL That's a cute comic strip! I didn't realize that people still made comic strips. I enjoyed the golden age of inexpensive "The Far Side" collections, but after newspapers died, I thought the comic strip died with them.
    You main Spy, too? Amazing! I wrote a few MVM based stories on our Tales of Fantastical Daring and Whimsy thread.
    heh it's just a role. I think you're hilarious. :)

    Although for me it's only 4pm, way too early for me to drink! Still sitting at work, lol.
    i'm sure he'll have you properly trained in no time (that's right: you are being trained!)

    if you need any further :cat: assistance, don't hesitate to ask :)
    from rawfed cats: "As far as the amount of raw food to feed you cat, this will vary, depending on things like your cat's age, weight, activity level, metabolism and overall appetite. A basic guideline to use when determining how much food to feed your cat each day, is between 2 and 4% of your cat’s ideal adult weight. But remember, this is only a guide. Some cats will eat more than this, and some might need less. Ultimately you’ll need to let your cat be your guide when deciding how much to feed him. If he’s looking a bit pudgy, give him less food. If he’s getting a bit lean, increase the amount you feed him. Because every cat is different, there’s no exact standard formula."
    hmmm...it's really difficult to give exact number - the necks i get vastly differ in size, the smallest being roughly the size of my thumb and the largest about 3 times that. plus my cats are different weights and each has their own appetite idiosyncrasies...so, i dunno, lol.
    i estimate my cats can eat between 4 and 8 per day depending on the various factors.

    i have found that they are much better at self-regulating on the raw diet, only one of them is slightly overweight whereas the cats i had before i switched were all somewhat fat (and unhealthy). let him guide you - you'll know when he's hungry! if you think he's eating too much (which he might at first, particularly if he has been homeless and hungry for a time) then limit the amount of raw food (which in my experience becomes the preferred food) and leave a small amount of pellets available.

    hope this helps!!

    i'm glad he seems to be enjoying the new diet :)
    Cuteness proximity and cuteness overload! Yes- these new terms shall be appropriated into my day-to-day vocabulary.
    mm, yes, isn't it a beautiful piece? Glad you enjoyed it too ^^

    & thank you (none of what's on my profile is mine, definitely what I aspire to though!)
    Yup. I got hostility before, underserved I thought. As an experiment I changed avatars and voila! Problem gone. It was the arrogant old man avatar. I had one guy here write me that my posts actually made him angry, he couldn't help it, and he was 100% sure I was an INTJ because he's good at those kinds of things. It was the avatar.

    Some people say the power of image is dead but this shows otherwise.
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