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  • <-Accomplished creeper.

    (But really, I'm normally just in spammer hunting mode scoping through the names. I like to snipe them before they get the chance to post. :D)
    Sorry. Left that without explanation.

    I can't help but hear that song in my head every time I see you logged in on the currently active users list. I don't actually want to bathe with you, if that's any consolation. :D
    Eww coffee.


    I just wanted to tell you.

    You're a dirty yankee and you should be washed and taught to spell right.<3
    You're just jealous that I can pretty much do whatever I want (excluding, murder, rape, stealing etc.)

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Ducky. I wanted to post an Arcade Fire song as I seem to associate you with them for some reason, but I cannot think of an appropriate one. I hope you are well. (:
    Heyyyyyzz, what's up? it's late, i'm tireless, how have you been? I dunno how the forum is anymores, and I see Melkorz givin' ya dem seducing looks apparently, if ya have coffee and tea with him then invite me I take both with 32 sugars in them ^^

    If you want to be sexually assaulted I'll just give you a lecture on Left wing ideals in modern Britain.


    Ugh, sounds hideous. Saying that, it does

    We occasionally get these 'I liek bein Intp gaiz. We r so smart. I'm so deep', or the 'OMG I love intps! I love being one! I adore kittens!' Types. They disgust me! >: o

    Ah. You should hear it with my accent. Possibly with a flurry of 'shitehawks' 'githead' 'nobend's' and 'bell-end's'. :D

    You'll get active or I'll sexually assault you. Pure and simple.

    There's a Facebook INTP page? -_-

    That's like having a mice committee for the appreciation of cats, or a lower class bureaucrats society.

    Aye like, you're a right tosser if you think I'll pass on knocking yer' cunt in ya fit bastard!

    Sorry, ran out of relevant terms.XD
    How doth thou fare oh diminutive squeaker?

    Verily it hath been many moons since we crossed paths!

    Like proper ages mate!
    Yea, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's certainly an interesting sound but it also doesn't settle that well with me. There are some other songs on the sampler video that seemed to have more promise.
    So... proposedly, some erotic figure is going emerge form the fog and molest te viewer?

    I see...

    I don't see how this lessens the sense of eerieness though...
    yea, we need to make sure we have the same refills though as well. I'm going to go eat some indian food (YUM), I'll listen to this later
    Pfft! As if you were worthy of being talked French at...
    And anyways, a good crimina- err, civilian never confesses. To a false accusation, I mean.
    I could use a math break.

    I may have been the only person to notice that mistake though.

    Yes, but you wish you were. Ohh! You should open up a command prompt, then change the text color to green. People will think you're haxoring!

    That's what I would do.
    whelp...I'm afraid I'm all pooped out on my mathematical wit for the year. :p (well, I actually have one more trick up my sleeve...but I'll save that for later :rolleyes:)

    and I only wish that I could make mistakes as beautiful as that. :o

    *Ahem* I'm not fucking Spanish!:cat:....buy yea...I actually did start school last week, I'm only in a networking class...which is pretty damn easy right now, but I'm waiting to get into the harder stuff, it's kind of funner then, and plus I get to sit down in a chair and be all like :matrix:
    Oh, I reserve it solely for respectable and curious gentlemen.

    You know I do have that boyish habit of looking up to my well dressed elders.

    Oh, it's okay, I like aggressive:P
    Ah, school. How dreadful for you sir.

    Final fantasy tactics? Don't mean to sound rude, but that seems like a risky and blunt way to initiate a conversation.

    I see you've been outrageously flirting with my Irishpenguin.

    This has to stop, or we'll have a messy love triangle on our hands.
    I didn't reply!? D: I coulda' swore I did.

    Very sorry sir.

    Uh, you're the sexy one obviously, you're lean, red-headed and can play an instrument!^.^

    So what inspired this outrageous lie-outburst of yours?
    OH NOES! Not anime Kitty! That member has such an ambiguous avatar! urgh...well, I sort of want to say guy too by the way hir posts sound...but I would hope he would have a good explanation for the name "Anime kitty".....kitty? eh I dunno man.... this is already kind of fun though :coverlaugh:
    1. How do you know Cavalier drinks tea? :confused:
    2. Okay, me and you are kind of on a different page when it comes to the pokemon thing, I mean, since when did males absolutely dominate the pokemon demographic? I mean, I can totally imagine a girl that like pokemon.....(gotta catche em' all dude.....gotta catch em' all):p
    3. Yea Ermine seems like shes has an artistic streak, and the salt and pepper set up like a game of chess is neat too....makes it seem intelligent.....and makes me hungry :D
    4. Oh yea, Dormouse seems pretty fun, even in her text posts, and if she likes tea, she probably takes it with 42 sugars.....oh yea...that's the way you do it.:storks:

    Avatar club....neat....wait a sex...how would that work again (lol sex)

    You went 8 days without solitude?...ouch :eek::phear:

    (had to split the message in half)
    When it came to Auburn, yea a totally he was a girl, but then again, I didn't get to see that many of his posts before his video, so not much to go off of. But then again (again) I think his last few avatars have all featured a girl of some sorts...I mean they were kewl girls, but I'd probably still think he was a girl without the vids...dang nabit. And yea I did notice how I was one of the only ones who's avatar was a self-picture for awhile there (even though it was colorfully morphed)
    I've actually become a little weary of avatar judging after figuring out that Auburn was a guy even though he had an avatar of a cute little wide-eyed girl. Something like that could really keep a person on their toes (nah, I still slip up all the time...but still...you know what I mean. right?)

    Oh, and lets just make a game out of what INTP females enjoy off of avatars. Hmmm....reguarding the avatar, I guess that mean that:

    1. Cavalier loves beer
    2. Words loves pokemon (duh)
    3. Ermine loves um...er....salt & pepper? :confused:
    4. Dormouse loves...well, colorful star-candy and teacups!!:balance:

    Oh yea, avatar judging... it's the new best way to judge people preferences, It's official now...I'm a freaking genius :D
    So what's all this about going Chimera color style all over LoR, eh?

    Oh yea..I forgot....dood.....chicks dig the pokemanz... how could you not know this?...sheesh...:rolleyes:
    Fucking obsessed with it man. I've spun it so many times already.. after 3 or 4 listens I decided it was better than Funeral (and believe me, I love Funeral). Lyrically it's one of the most interesting and thought-provoking/relevant stuff I've heard all year. I'm also heavily into this new shoegazey band from San Fran called Tamaryn. Their debut (called The Waves) drops in September, but it's leaked and fucking brilliant. I've been basically obsessing over those two albums now for the last two weeks.
    Mine was kinda' like "You're a girl..." "You have a pokemon avatar though" "I guess girls can like pokemon". It was strange....

    Alright, night.
    Oh dood...dreams are teh awesomehaxorz....

    And yea, it was actually a little weird when Words revealed the gender, I mean my reaction was something along the lines of

    "You a girl!? wait wait YOU'RE A HUMAN!!!...oh, yea I guess he kinda....she...kinda is....how could I forget that? Damn I need to get these enigma's under control"

    Yea, I never even really thought about Words gender, but if someone were to actually ask me, I would have just defaulted to the "He". The way I was thinking about this was revealed to me after she actually brought up her gender......weird beans man....weird beans.

    I gotta get some rest, c ya's
    Yea, I've got some stuff to talk about, and the Frood having that video up let's me be reminded of a weird dream I had recently, it was kind of interesting and funny, I've also got some toony pics to show, and then there was that conversation with Words...yea, you see where I'm going with this....and you're still a badass...or rather....Jazzass..hehe ;)
    Oh, come now, don't be shy with your medal giving, we all know you've been stocking up on them...c'mon, just gimme one...pweeze? ah wells.

    The youtube thread? eh, it comes and goes, I don't think it will never super die, but for now, yea it's gone back into a coma. I think there's always somebody wanting to make a vid, newcomers and what not. And I'm prolly gonna make a vid soon, as well as delete a lot of my old vids, it's gettin a little creepy having those around, I'll keep anything cool or relevant though.

    You see my response to you in the intro thread?
    It was actually kinda sad, that guy seemed all pumped up about finding the forum, but after reading it, I saw the upper left hand corner....

    "Wait what!? OCTOBER 2007!?!?.......:pueh: who's responsible for this!..."

    then I just noticed it was you with the 3 year gap starting up your evil domino chain affect.....you are one dastardly duck sir :cat:
    Uhm...hehe, so yea...what in the world possessed you to post in an intro thread that was 3 years old?:p
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